January 18, 2009


Bush's inauguration 4 years ago? 50 million dollars.

Obama's? 150 million.

One of my evil Republican buddies pointed this out to me



La Sirena said...

American Republicans usually lack a sense of proportion. They spent the last 8 years calling anyone who disagreed with the Bush Doctrine a "terrorist", and even attempted to prosecute fellow citizens with differing views under the patriot act and now they all want to scream about waste and how oppressed they are.

Why does the word "crybaby" keep popping into my head?

They're all politicians, kids. I just try to vote for the one who does the least harm. The Republicans have harmed us and the whole world very badly in the last 8 years.

I mean seriously, the man hasn't even been sworn in yet. Can you give him a couple days as president first? He couldn't possibly mess things up worse than Bush.

Of course, I recognize that even evil Republicans have 1st amendment rights, even if they've tried their damndest to destroy that right.

So bawl away, crybabies, and thank the majority of the people for putting a constitutional lawyer in the oval office to protect your right to bawl, despite your best hate and fear tactics.

DAVE BONES said...

so you don't like the Republicans?

La Sirena said...

There is nothing left to like in that party. They sold out to megacorps and tyrannical xian zealots back in the eighties.

DAVE BONES said...

ha ha good luck with your country anyway. I hope Obama can Yes.

Anonymous said...

Constitutional lawyer? His mother got fucked paying for that education. Community organizer was the highlight of his resume until 2-1/2 years ago.

DAVE BONES said...

My resume still says "Could try harder".

Anonymous said...

My resume still says "Could try harder".

Mine is similar, says "willing to try harder for monetary incentive." Ya think that will sell?

DAVE BONES said...

Sell? I think we are heading back to bartering pretty soon. Do you have any magic beans? I have a really good cow.

Indigobusiness said...

It's too late.
But we can go down trying.

It's hilarious watching Republicans dance around the delusional shine of
their voodoo economic death spiral crushing the modern world.

They still chant the ridiculous mantra that Reagan was a great president, when he laid the foundation of this chaos.

It might be for the best, eventually, but it's gonna hurt like hell for awhile.

DAVE BONES said...

Thats exactly what they chant strangely enough. Like a mantra. I found that a bit weird too. I am all for end of civilization 2012.

Gary Rodgers said...

It's interesting reading your perceptions of American politics. I first saw you on RWS in Houston and have dropped in to your blog from time to time. Since you have no dog in the hunt there you can talk freely, almost without being attacked by their right-wing hate and intolerance of anything or anybody that disagrees with them. Thanks.
As fro the money spent on the inauguration.......so what? Bush and his ilk pissed that away in half a day in Iraq,with nothing to show for it here in the USofA, and did it for nearly 5 years now. heck, WW II only lasted for 4... and i daresay dealt with a few bigger issues that that godforsaken sandbox. I personally am thankful for an end to politics of polarization, Hopefully hate-mongering radio will give this good man an opportunity to allow our nation to shine, for our people to come together in the face of our own distrust in each other, hopefully a time of common sense can prevail to allow our nation to once again find a path that opens the future to all.

DAVE BONES said...

Thanks for commenting Gary! yes I am a bit of a court jester over there in Sparkleland sometimes. I didn't mean to rain on anyones parade today. I think a lot of us are annoyed he has kept shtum during all the Gaza fireworks. Like you, I still have hope. Lets see.