January 11, 2006

Abu Hamza trial 11th July

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picutre from BBC site,though he actually looks a bit older and whiter haired than this.

I saw that Abdullah and co had a little demo outside the court. He hadn't told me about it, so I saw the same 2 seconds with voice over everyone else did. In a phone conversation recently he told me that I hadn't believed a word they had said and that I should "Do more to oppose my government."

I think that by going this far off of my natural base, trying to understand and acurately present an ideology with which I have fundamental diferences, presenting those who say that Mr. Hamza is not who the US and UK government say he is, you know, if I oppose my governments foreign policies- fuck knows what I'm trying to say here, I have not been joined or in any way aided by anyone who oposses war or is in anyway part of the peace "movement" (said with a spitting sound) put it that way.

I've had more "help" from Republicans who agreed to meet all of them last July, should a media organisation (or any other fucker for that matter) be able to arrange it.

Mr. Abdullah however, also agreed with me that I have gone where even Islamic media seems to fear to tread, and joined me in wondering why, paticularly Yvonne Ridley always mentions Babar Ahmed at protests, but never says a word about Abu Hamza. I draw no conclusions. You are welcome to draw your own in the comments below.

I think I have on this site, at least an accurate picture of who these guys say they are and how they treat me for all who want to to consider it alongside everything else around this story.

I'm a fucking malung. The people Hamza calls "kaffirs" would probably call me "kaffir" if the equivalent phrase existed in western culture. I think its worth telling the truth and I'd like to see the killing and persecution of innocents to be stopped worldwide. Why not? Its worth a go

Anyway, I got to the Old Bailey this afternoon and am lifting from my notes taken from 2pm onwards:

In the words of the prosecution-

Tape Sept 1999

Hamza says "Kill the kaffir wherever you find him." This is a country which is at war with Islam. Jihad is a blueprint for living for man, woman and child. Its us against them.

Kaffirs can be killed "For any reason or for no reason at all."

Wine shops are evil and those who grant licences for them- "Make sure they do not exist."

Kids should be trained to become Mujahadeen.

Prosecutor to jury (not exact words)- "You will have to decide, should the defence make the case that he was just refering to Chechenya, Bosnia etc, places where Muslims are at war, if wine sellers can be considered alongside this, or if he is talking about actions to be taken in this country."

Sheik Bin Baz, a well know moderate had "humiliated" Islam.

Evoked a time when Muslims fought Romans and had been addicted to drinking their blood.

Tape dated 18th Aug

Hamza had said "Allah had trapped 100 Russian soldiers under he sea, refering to the Kursk submarine's fate in 2000. Called on Allah to kill the soldiers in retaliation for Chechenya.

Tape dated 25th Aug

Praises Allah for killing Russian soldiers as British rescuers had found everyone dead. Again he ays that they like blood and are addicted to it. When you say you love Allah, ask yourself how much blood you have given him. Jews were secretly hated by the west, but controlled banks and had files on MPs to blackmail them.

Tape dated 13th Oct

Spoke about "The problem of the Jews" and their "sugar daddies" the US government. Jews were "cursed" and Hitler had been sent to torture and humiliate them. Every last Jew would be buried in Palestine.

"Fight them until every tree and stone says "Oh sevant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him.""

prosecution- All this was said in is capacity as Imam of Finsbury park mosque.

Jews are "destestable"

Spoke about attack on USS Cole and British embassy in Yemen, he suported Jihad in Yemen.

Video late 97 or early 98

Prosecution- He refers to talking politics, in his defence statement he said he only preached his religion.

Need to fight and humiliate Kuffar, fight to kill. "When one enemy is finnished fight the second, third, fourth and fifth until the earth became friendly to Muslims."

Allah says the blood of the Jews or a lamb is "Pure blood" Kuffar are germs and "a virus" Spoke of Saudi Arabia as a "kaffir state inside a Muslim state."

He speaks with the authentic voice of Islam, others are hypocrites.

Video (undated)

Jihad is duty, limits are kids and old ladies but even they are permissible if their deaths are not "directly sought."

Supporters of Shareeah video (undated)

Homosexuality a sin, An audience question refering to the tourist industry (Which the prosecution argues was refering to tourists killed at Luxor 17th Nov 97 when 58 were killed)

Tourists are "Shaitan" even killing kids is permisible if in " Target area."

Asked if suicide bombing permissible?

It wasn't "suicide" it was "Shahid", martyrdom. Anyway to hurt them is allowed. Suicide bombing fulfils Jihad.

"If we don't use terrorism and torture, what are we going to use?"

Prosecution argues this is in reference to tourists not Chechenya, Bosnia etc.

Tape in Arabic

Allah will ask you "who was killed at your hand?" this tape is aimed at young Muslims. Criticises Nato, U.N, Taxes raised in this country go to Israel. Avoid mixing with the Kuffar. Unbelievers to be killed "Wherever you find them. Take them, seize them, kill them."

Is it permisible to kill rulers eg. in Egypt?

Of course. Any person who hinders Allah. He is a menace an should be removed. "The evil will not be removed until the evildoer is killed."

Friday kutbah in Arabic

Carry out Jihad. Target the Jews. The "blasphemers" "This Jew is dealing in usury so kill him." Jews will be "Buried in Palestine." The tunnels they dig under Al Axah mosque will be filled with their skulls. not a single one will be left. Palestine will be the biggest Jewish graveyard in the world. Jews should be removed wherever they "conspire" If a person stands between you and God, remove him if he is ignorant, an idiot or a donkey.

Lecture on audio cassette in English

This count refering to racial hatred, Jews are the "enemy of Islam" they are "dirty monkeys"

The prosecution told the jury there were duplicates of a few more tapes like this, seized in his house and available for distibution.

Encyclopedia ofAfghan Jihad

The judge interupted, explaining to the jury that what they were going to hear was an editted synopsis, prepared by the prosecution.

This book is dedicated to

1. Sheik Abdullah Azam (killed in Peshawar)
2. Abu Abdullah (Osama Bin Laden)
3. Afghan Muslim jihadi's who had helped out with the book
4. Pakistanis who had supported the Afghan mujahadeen

Prosecution suggests the book had been compiled before 1996.

Chapters on Explosives, Home made silencers,War with tanks, manufacture of firearms, assasination,

TV had been financed and used to "Distract Muslims." Jihad is not only guerilla warfare, it aims to topple apostate regimes an establish the rule of Allah for the sake of Allah, not worldly goals. Even if a ruler is fair, you should still topple him to aid "Sharriah" Doomsday will not come till you fight the Jews.

People should be sent 10 years before their missions to infiltrate western societies. Targets should be chosen either to minimise loss of life, eg. The Statue of Liberty, The Eiffel Tower or Big Ben or targets should be chosen to maximise loss of life, eg. Tall buildings, Nuclear facilities, Football matches, ports, airports, archeological sites or VIPs in arab countries.

The prosecution said that all the themes of the book were commonplace in Hamza's kutbahs.

Circumstances around Hamza's arrest

27th May, first arrest. Tapes and manual siezed. (Handed back?) no prosecution. Second arrest produced prepared statement (not exact words)-

I am a preacher, speaking about religious matters. My statements are taken out of context. You are putting Islam on trial. If I am charged, the same rule of law should be applied to those who preach from the Talmud. Futhermore, all Zionists going to Israel should also be charged. I was not given disclosure of tapes and so I can't comment on them. Its all been chosen selectively. I'm not in charge of distributing them.

In reference to older tapes Police seized and gave back refering to the GIA- I denounced the GIA publicly.

Co operated fully with British and French security services against advice not to. Never instructed people to kill British people. "I would be cursed if i didn't tell the truth." Victim of witchhunt, hate campaign. Denounced Madrid bombings. Don't hate Jews and Christians, am friends with Rabbis and Christian ministers.

Hamza claimed the Encyclopedia or Afghani Jihad was a gift and he
had not read it.

Further explanation given by prosecution

He was arrested in 1999 but not investigated for any of the current charges. All of this becaome known to the CPS in 2004. The world pre 9/11 wa diferent and this prosecution is linked to changes in the world and has been brought under the Terrorism at 2000 which did not exist in 1999. The security services he spoke to between 1997 and 2000 were nothing to do with this case. The jury have to decide if the words used amount to encouragement to "unlawful killing" and if the defendant had intended them as such.

If he is refering to the battlefield where are women, children or off licenses on the battlefield? Is the statue of liberty on a battle field? Palestine is not a legitamate battlefield either and the suicide bombing which occurs there is unlawful.

Consider his statements-

That Jews are cursed, that Palestine will be the burial ground for Jews. Saying "Some of my friends are Rabbis" is not a defence.

About the terrorist manual-

Did he possess it? Did it contain information for terrorists? Did he have a reasonable excuse to possess it? It was on his bookshelf.

There followed a discussion between judge and both counsels after the jury had left

The defence seemed worried that the press would not report events of the trial accurately. The defendant wanted in no way to assist the press. He also was anxious that while the tapes were being shown to the jurry, a glossary of the Islamic terms as he saw them should be available to the jury alongside the one provided by the prosecution. He didn't want the jury to see the tapes with the prosecutions definitions "ringing in their ears" He disputed the arabic translations the prosecutions were using.

The prosecution objected, saying this was "argumentative" and won.

The defence implied that Hamza would give evidence along with two expert witnesses.

The meaning the jury should take from "Jihad" should be taken from Surah 2 216 and Surah 9 111.


Anonymous said...

personally, have you started to form any conclusions?

DAVE BONES said...

Nope, only opinions scattered through this blog.I definately saw a diferent Hamza to this one and I don't know if he changed because of the media attention. Like the constant clash between media and fundamental Islam on the street was "helping".

I'm glad the trial process is occuring anyway. I worry that Mr. Fitz, the defence is himself far too removed culturally to have a good stab at this but he may suprise me.