January 27, 2006

Abdullahs new "job on the side"

OK, wonder of all wonders Abdullah actually called me. The upshot of the CNN approach the other day was that he was interviewed, he told me by Paula Newton. Possibly this Paula Newton. It turns out the new tack from over the pond is to accuse all these 'mentalists of working for MI-5 or the C.I.A. We shared a laugh over that one. Apparently Paula was "looking at me funny" and said to Abdullahs face that he was a "Seriously scary man. That he "frightens many people""

"It sounds like she fancies you..."

Abdullah seems to think that the journalists who call him are upset that he hasn't become "the new Abu Hamza" for them yet.

"You got to put some pepper on the snail to get this film made." he told me.

"Don't even joke about it. Its painful."

I wasn't kidding.

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