January 14, 2006

Friday 13th experiences

Channel 4 news and video report

I've eaten as many bacon double whopping Mickey Mc Mackers burgers in three days as I usally manage in three years, (3).

OK here we go.

Before the jury came in Perry asked the judge if Channel 4 news could remove the tapes for the purpose of broadcasting. Fitz objects because of potential impact on jury seeing selective edits on TV. Might prompt discussion.

The judge said a very interesting thing. He believed the press should be able to put the people in the public gallery but not necesarily that of the jury. In trials it was not normal for anyone but the jury to see the evidence. He called Channel 4 news a "Prominent, respectable and well known" media outlet but if he made it available to one he would be unable to deny the same opportunity to those less responsible.

Simon Israel from Channel 4 news address to judge explaining he wanted a visual parallel to the written media, precendents had been set during Soham trial. A copying machine could be brought into court.

Judge denies.

"Selective highlights" "domestic customers" (?) not on jury. Potential 4 misuse. If crowns case is proved this is inflamatory material and once broacast could be copied and redistributed.

Jury allowed in

They start watching tape filmed in a house with Hamza sitting at a small table answering questions from those off camera. His animated naked stumps are visually mesmerising and almost a subconcious "visual language" for all things frightening about the public perception of fundamental Islam in Britain.

If a licensee doesn't accept Dawah- Kill him. I could make that out even from the public gallery. A Kaffir under no protection from Islamic law, kill him. Take his money.

the next tape was in arabic and related to the soliciting murder and racial hatred charges.

Dated 13th Oct 2000 it was in black and white. Rather than sitting through it the jury would be given a flavour, which was Hamza shouting, animatedly in black and white.

"Do you mant more?" Judge asks Fitz. "No." he replies a bit downcast.

The ground shakes around us cursing the Jews. "Sons of Monkeys and Pigs". Intifada was predicted. If Muslims hadn't given their blood when Sharon visited Al -Axah the mosque would have been desecrated. Look at the Jews, ordering Clinton to come talk to Arrafat.

The US gave aid to the Afghans when they already could see they were winning. The Intifada happened in Yemen because the Prophet predicted "12 000 will ally themselves to prophet." A bit confusing but I think the idea is that although the rulers of Islamic countries do deals with Jewish state, there is a ring of personally armed Islamists as a barrier to Jewish influence though the authorities who do deals with "the Jews" control the actual borders.

Hamza seems to be advising Islamists who cross these borders to fight. "If they ask for your papers, say "I am a Muslim." If they give you any shit, kill them, don't even pray for them first. Never give up their weapons to anyone because God says "Keep your weapons."

Jews cant live with each other without fighting, they pretend to be allies because they are scared. They would sell their own friends or family to the athiest. They are blasphemers. It is no point making peace with them. Their relationship with the world is that they corrupt it, that is why God sends people to punish them. Mohammed kicked them out of the Arab peninsula because of coruption. Hitler thought to himself, "The Jews deal arms to both sides so lets kill them."

Abu Bakah (in the Koran?) tried to convert a Jew who says " Gods hands are tied. He is poor. We are rich. Why do I need God when I have usury?" he hit him in the face.
This is a Jew who deals in usury, kill him. Jews will be destroyed and the Jewish state will be destroyed until there are none left. In Gods name they will be killed.

The Intifada will teach Muslims how to unite, sacrifice and crave martyrdom to cleanse their lands of jews and Christians. Bosnia started without weapons. They asked for help from the east and the west and no one helped them. They took weapons from the hands of their enemies and it was only when they were about to win that the American pirates forced them to negotiate. Hezbollah are shiites and make enemies of Israel without making enemies of its allies, the US and Britain.

The borders are closed on "the brothers" with everyone bowing to Jews and to Arafat. (Don't think he likes Arrafat) There is going to be a struggle between Jews, Christians and Muslims till the judgement day. The christians are slaves to the Jewish state. the Koran predicts the Jews will be buried there. Because they take Muslim lands is only a side reason for killing them. the prophet kept them away from the holy places so they couldn't have influence there where desicions are made.

There are no civilians in Israel. All train for war. Jews the world over train even their women to fight. They forced Arafat to hand over 6 for killing 2 Israeli soldiers. He should not have done this. The allies and the Jews close the borders. Allies are more Jews than the Jews themselves. The Jews wouldn't enter palestine till they had got the British to make it safe for them then they thanked the British by bombing them and becoming terrorists. They are cowards. We don't hate Jews because they hurt each other (?) but because they corrupt the earth.

Next 2 tapes were in English dated 13/10/2000

First one started with a camera wandering around all over the front of Finsbury park mosque with a hugely elaborate, echoing call to prayer. It reminded me of the first time I noticed the mosque many years ago passing on a motorcyle, hearing the call to prayer from the now infamous minarete. I don't think the new crowd there have gone back to using it yet. I couldn't make out what was being said from the public gallery at all.


This has got to be the hardest stuff I have ever written on this blog. Thankfully some of the younger brothers turned up in the afternoon so I could confront them with how I felt about it all. Samir, who runs the supporters of Shareeah website has a brother who I have never asked the name of. Anyway they are both in their twenties, are very quietly spoken and have visited me at one the scruffiest squats I lived in years ago. It is very obvious that they both see Hamza as a father figure. All of the younger guys in the public gallery do. Most of them are at college and none of them want to appear on camera.

I told Samirs brother straight that I had known him a long time now, and if I had heard Hamza talking how I had seen all that in the court I would have left and quoted the bits I struggled with back to him a bit. He explained that at that point Hamza was still learning English and didn't properly distinguish in his terminology between "Jews" and "Zionists".

All of this was in the context of the Intifada. While Hamza spoke, many Muslims were being killed in Palestine. Every Muslim in Britain from the age of 5 to 70 was inflamed by what was happening.

Yes, Hitler had been sent by God to punnish the Jews, but Saddam was also sent to punnish the Moslems and teaching that wasn't racist against Moslems.

"Is this what you understand or what Hamza had actually told you himself?"

He assured me that it was the later and none of those who accept Hamza as a teacher believe it is Islamic to hate anyone on the grounds of race. Looking at Samirs brother I believe this is what he thinks. Because neither of them will go on camera I can't show you what I mean which is the most frustrating thing in the world to me.

I went back into court to see Hamza say that the Kaffirs hate the Jews more than Muslims do because they control all their money.

One of the things which hasn't been picked up on in the media is the fact that Hamza doesn't stand when they say "All rise." The judge is making out that this is because he is old and he "hopes hamza is comfortable" The real reason became apparent to me when the guys in the gallery refused to stand up. There is an officious but likeable turkish (I think) guy who works there who was a bit afronted by this, or more suprised that they refused to stand. Later in the afternoon they avoided confrontation by walking out for the "all rise".

It occured to me this is because neither they nor Hamza respect the authority of this court. They are in a religious situation where according to their beliefs they cannot bow to "Man made law". The judge, very wisely wants to see the case through rather than make any issue of "contempt of court" at this stage, but it will be interesting to see what hamza does when he is sentenced.

as "respectable media organisations" say-

the case continues....

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