January 12, 2006

Hamza trial 12th

Reuters, CNN

Well its not as if the jury have got selective edits. They are going to watch the entire tapes. The initial excitement of sitting in judgment on such a high profile case must have turned to horror by their 11.30 am tea break. You've got to sympathize with them sitting through all this for the next few days. From the public gallery I didn't have a transcript to follow and so due to the sound quality of an old video copied onto DVD it was mostly unintelligible. I suppose I could try and get a copy of each from the brothers.

Considering the words outlined by the prosecution yesterday I was expecting a much more fiery Hamza. I couldn't see a difference to the man I saw on the street really. Thankfully I had business elsewhere this afternoon.

Its quite cute really seeing how a top judge treats random members of the general public selected to do this.

"Was 20 minutes OK for your tea break? Are you all OK to continue like this?"

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