December 14, 2005

The 491 Gallery has turned something worse than a nightmare into something I am proud of, something I love, and something that has touched the hearts of thousands.

The council is stuck in a backwash of bureaucracy. What chance is there for regeneration to take place in our lives? Red tape blinds the eyes of those in the power to activate change. Good people struggle to help transform the lot of those less fortunate than themselves... and yet in the struggle for funding and corporate reputation find it near impossible to give true ownership over to those on the ground.

491 has taken its space, founded a pirate utopia and tries to build bridges to the otherside, to the everyday man complaining that there is nothing to be done.


boudica of suburbia said...

I'll have to visit that when i come to live in London (it WILL happen lol)

Inspiring story


DAVE BONES said...

come down!