December 08, 2005

Getting Somewhere?

Absolutely fascinating news. Abu Qatada releases a "Don't kill the hostages" video from inside prison. Kidnappers extend deadline. The government say they will listen to the kidnappers but cannot negotiate. Word comes back from the kidnappers: "You won't listen to us!"

"Oh Yes we will!" say the government.

Bit Pythonesque no?

Malung prediction: Next message from the hostages will be "No you won't listen to us! You're all bastard kaffirs etc." the government will come back with "No! We are nice!"

All I can say is good luck to both sides in this and to the hostages in the middle. If these guys peace mission can bring peace, we've got to hope some good can come from this.


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Indigobusiness said...

Oh man, yeah...

This is the sort of thing in all this that just rips at your guts. The abject desperation and intractability.