December 19, 2005

The Insurgents targetting improves...

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Jeremy Clarkson was shot at four times in one day on Sunday, and the camp where he was staying came under mortar-fire, while he travels on a fact-finding tour of Iraq.

The TV presenter – star of motoring show Top Gear – is visiting the troubled country to research a newspaper article. His journey began on Saturday when the Hercules transport plane he was traveling on on a flight from Basra to Baghdad was shot at with rockets by insurgents south of the capital. The plane was able to take evasive action and to release flares to shake off the attack.

While in the capital the US army Black Hawk helicopter he was traveling in came under fire again. Later in the day, his return flight to Basra also came under attack. Finally, within hours of arriving back at base at the city’s airport the camp came under mortar-fire by, it is believed, Shia tribesmen.

Clarkson, who was not hurt in the incidents, told the Daily Mirror: "I knew this would happen - this sort of thing always happens to me."

One British soldier said: "We've never seen anything like this occur to one person, especially not a civilian." The TV star has been called "Target Practice" by squaddies following the incidents. One joked: "People are saying he's saved lives because the Iraqis have used so much ammo trying to kill him."

Clarkson has said previously that the US invading Iraq after 911 would have resembled the US attacking China after Pearl Harbour, and has regularly questioned the purpose and wisdom of the invasion.

A couple of years back I used to hang out with a girl in West London and no kidding- 3 times walking in the street I looked up to see Jeremy fucking Clarkson staring at me sneering. I felt like asking him if he wanted my autograph. "Fucking Clarkson" as everyone in the UK calls him annoys me because I hate everything he stands for but love his TV show.

Fucking Clarkson


The Scrutinator said...

... the US invading Iraq after 911 would have resembled the US attacking China after Pearl Harbour...

In fact, the US invading Iraq after 9/11 did very closely resemble the US attacking Germany and Italy after Pearl Harbor. Neither had a "collaborative operational relationship" with the Pearl Harbor attack.

I guess that ruins his point, though.

I.:.S.:. said...

That was a 'real' war, though, with more-or-less evenly matched opponents, and in the case of Nazi Germany, technologically even more advanced. Britain alone, outnumbered and outgunned, with all their equipment left at Dunkirk, forces scattered across their colonial holdings across the globe, initially supported only by lend-lease, the terms of which were hardly generous...

Contrast with the world's greatest military power pulverising a technologically inferior army suffering from lack of basic spares for their tanks and other equipment, the dreaded Scuds a joke, wide-spread low morale and mass desertions of the under-fed and under-paid Iraqi troops, slaughtered in their thousands by laser-guided death from above.

There is no analogy to be drawn between World War II and the Gulf wars, none whatsover.

I.:.S.:. said...

Unless maybe between Germany's blitzkrieg against the Polish, and "shock and awe".

I.:.S.:. said...

Oh, and you can bet the Nazis or the Nipponese would have blown that fuck-wit Clarkson to pieces with typical Nazi / Japanese efficiency, respectively.

Indigobusiness said...

It would've been more like the US invading Taiwan after Pearl Harbor.

Shite and Awe