December 19, 2005

"the U.S. has had 200 years of representative government, but in your system people turn over control to others." Instead, in Venezuela, "we humbly are proposing a system where people hold power in a participatory and protagonist democracy. We want a new kind of democracy to attain a new kind of society."......They didn't want "a dictatorship of the proletariat or of any other kind," they said. Strikingly, they also said they didn't want "what Che died for, though they wanted to learn from that." They wanted to build something new, from the bottom.


BigDog said...

This article is Communist fantasy. Chavez is a thug. He steals and redistributes his nation's wealth. Eventually, there will be nothing more to steal. Nothing new about this kind of dictator.

The quote posted is a clear misunderstanding of US representitive republican democracy. American citizens do not "turn over control to others". Elected oficials have clearly deliniated and restricted duties and powers. Governance is decentralized. i.e. the day to day governance of local and city governments - responsible ONLY to the local populace and not to the State or Federal government - has the most effect on daily individual life. For example: Someone has to make decisions about road repair and constructuon. Local governments like the county or township make those decisions, funding for major projects is voted on in referendum.

Some places in the US us direct participatory democracy. for example New Hampshire, which has had a direct democracy for 300 years.

DAVE BONES said...

I've got some friends going to venezuela social forum as part of the free software movement. They are going to blog about it also check this guy.

DAVE BONES said...

I agree with you about America too, people in some states seem to participate in their democracy a lot more. There seems to be a big diference between cities and rural but thats always the case.