December 23, 2005

Another great American.

Heres a Christmas message from another great American left wing thinker who wrote part of this for us ages ago. (the anti-Bush part)

Out my window I have a stone wall, it is grey. One day I looked out and saw this perfect white pigeon. Is that a peace dove I asked myself?

remember to remember.

Merry Happy Wholly Days!!! Joy to the world Peace and prosperity on Earth, Health Harmony and Happiness for everyone under the sun, for we are one!!!

Remember to do your evening movement meditations before you rest for the night. At least 21 minutes. Deep breaths remember all the way in, all the way out, ya la, sing, remember if you can talk you can sing. Remember to remember, life is a gift, and the whole point and purpose is about giving back.

For a good life, give your goodness. For goodness sake we need to spread light until
we are truly out for the count. While we are still here move and groove find your inner self, your natural rhythm and dare to share with all others who are aware that the divine dance Is the way how you come home.

Om shanti, simply. Come home to the cosmic romance, where life is Magical and Mystical.

Remember to remember. For Real.

one question, from your heart, I ask you to answer from your heart, what do you Love most about life, about living?

and if that is not hippy enough for you try these Hoppi prophesies via Skrufff mailout


A key truth is that there is a DIVINE PLAN. The future belongs to those that trust in the process and are willing to go with the divine plan. The main tool for understanding this plan is the Mayan calendar.


boudica of suburbia said...

thats hippy-tastic!

Now wheres my friendship tea?


DAVE BONES said...

next to your nylon string acoustic with the peace sticker on it.