December 12, 2005

I've got a cunning plan....

Is any of this varifiable or is it just someones fantasy? Al-Qaida's plans to 2020.
I remember Mr. Hamza used to say "I think Bin Ladens message means..."
and all the journalists used to scuttle off convinced Hamza had him on the other end of a satellite phone planning the minute details of global jihad. "Bin Laden" and "Al-Qaidas" enormity is cooked up between Republican and Islamic fantasists isn't it? Where are these hordes of Jihadis?

BARRY on Hamza:

"The national media have puffed this person up to be something that he probably delighted in being... It just seemed to me that the solution to the Abu Hamza problem was to actually stop giving him all the publicity that everyone was giving him and then the negative impact he was having on the Muslim community...the mainstream community...all of that was power...the fact that the newscasters would stand there and listen to what he said."

also for reference from the same article for whoever maybe taking an interest:

BONES: You see what I don’t want, as I am not attatched to a production company is if I have the phone numbers of these guys. I don’t want press saying "He’s with them" or any of that bollocks. You know, I ain’t a Muslim.not in any sense of the imagination. Never been tempted.

BARRY: Sure.

BONES: I mean I don’t want to be picked up myself, you know. Like “He’s been talking to them” I mean I have been talking to them. For two years, like. I am very interested in what they have to say.

BARRY: Well you’ve been talking to me as well. We’re cool about that. There’s no problem.

Many who have been involved in street protests, especially in London, in recent months will have come across the Metropolitan Police’s Public Order Intelligence Unit (POIU), part of its public Order Branch. Led by Inspector Barry Norman, it was set up initially to deal with football hooligans.

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