December 10, 2005


OK. I just got back from Hajj's place where I got to see Channel 4's dispatches programme on Extraordinary rendition. Very good stuff anchored by Andrew Gilligan. I also heard from Hajj that two ex-attendee's of Finsbury park mosque have been arrested. A couple of Algerians they want to deport but I'm still trying to work out which ones. He went into more detail about the centrality of his house to "fundamental" Islam.

"al-Faisal used to call this his second home."

Hamza had been round, all the neighbours know Hajj well.

"Meetings with these people and up to sixty people happened here all the time for years. This is a dawa house."

The Police have never, ever questioned Hajj once about anything.

"Someone drew the curtain once. I said brother why do you draw the curtain? My house is open, the door is open. Nothing in here is secret. If anyone has secrets, take them somewhere else."

After the film I watched Yvonne Ridley on the Islamic channel for a bit. I told Hajj I had met her once but she didn't seem to like me very much. He said that all of them had thought something bad about me when they had first seen me.

"What- you thought I was MI-5?"


"A Satan worshipper?"

"Worse. I don't want to say and insult you..."

"Ahhh... You thought I was gay because of the bones in my ears..."

"Yes. That was the discussion we had. Its not because of what you look like in itself..."

"And being gay is worse than worshipping Satan?"

"Do you think homosexuals are naturally born that way?"

"Yes. I think so." I said. "Although I am not gay myself, I agree with the rights of gays and lesbians who live here in peace. The world is over populated anyway..."

"So how would God make something that isn't perfect?"

It is hard talking to someone with a God concept when I don't have one. Its strange talking in such a peacable manner about such emotive things. Hajj has taken a step back from all things "fundamental" including, I fear further participation in my filming. If I could I'd have a camera on him 24/7 and it wouldn't be for security reasons. I want to film him on his step-machine.


Indigobusiness said...

I KNEW it. You ARE gay.

DAVE BONES said...

Right thats it. My boyfriend says he's going to kill you.

Indigobusiness said...

I rest my case.