December 19, 2005

via talentcircle:

Short films wanted for "My Kingdom for a Horse" at the Rio

Intriguing folksy submissions are wanted for a screening called "My
Kingdom for a Horse" at the Rio Cinema in East London on May Day 2006.

This is (approximately) a May Day/international labour day screening,
which wants to give a platform for all of those who love or hate what
May Day stands for.

Films/Videos should be about folk heroes, devils and peculiarities;
working-class idols; middle-class guilt; peoples' princes and princesses;
ethnic pride or shame of any background or persuasion.

International submissions very welcome, any genre or length considered,
although those that veer towards the shorter and experimental may make
us happier. The most important thing is that we don't want ironic
films, we want genuine testaments to folk culture and everyday
triumph/glorious disaster.

Email for full submission details and any questions.

Deadline for submissions - 28th February

Email: rio (AT)
Posted by: charliesedition on 16/12/2005

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