December 11, 2005


picture from indymedia

Not to labour the point, but the clue is in the title guys.

If 6 F.I.T. crew dawdle around incessantly photographing someone who looks like this whilst THOUSANDS of kids who look like this shouting "ALLAH HO AKBAR!! ARE YOU GOING TO ARREST ALL OF US?" pass by then all I can say is we really are in trouble in London aren't we???

OK guys. This is got me a bit melancholy. I mean shit. I AM JUST INTERESTED OK GUYS? In some ways its nice to know that I can still provoke that reaction in a member of the fucking F.I.T. crew but I think scores were settled between "them" and "us" a long time ago don't you? I mean Thatcher hasn't been in power for a long time now has she? I have personaly always been at peace with those who choose to wear blue all day.

I mean I want to go to America to film with all my Republican buddies for fuck sake. We're all friends. We don't want to kill each other do we? If they pass those photos to the Americans will I get fucking extraordinarily fucking rendered? I've got my rights!

To all who may happen upon this humble diary I'm telling you like it is. Its a good story. I'm just interested OK? Fuckin calm down like. Just let me follow the fucking story. I've met a whole load of crazy sounding people saying crazy sounding things. Even crazier people shout at them from crazy red newspapers, government chambers in the UK, the US and on frumpy suited television. I'm as close to the middle of it as I can get and I still don't believe there is a God. I'm beginning to wonder whether it is all just a huge misunderstanding and we can all fuck off home.

To anyone "else" I'm just trying to make your job a bit easier. Call it "Community liason."

Seriously from now on if you want to know who I am


Just ask him. OK?


Indigobusiness said...

I'm still trying to figure out how to disbelieve something that is impossible to define.

Maybe I'll ask Barry.

DAVE BONES said...

Main Switchboard – 020 7704 1212

Reporting Crimes - 020 7704 1212

Indigobusiness said...

Thanks, I have some high crimes and misdemeanors to report.

DAVE BONES said...

"disbelieve something that is impossible to define"

you speak of the G word as in


Indigobusiness said...

To define is to declare what is, not what is not.

Only God can prove a negative.

That leaves open the possibility that

God IS an asshole.

The operate word being IS.

I CAN prove God has a sense of humor, though, albeit a rather warped one.

DAVE BONES said...

you are one of those mad religious scientists?

That means that if I can say for example "I am not gay"

then the operate word is "AM" and only God can prove it?

Indigobusiness said...

Something like that.

But, I'm not mad...just angry.

DAVE BONES said...

Dont blow up or anything...

Indigobusiness said...

Not bloody likely.

I'm madly nonviolent.

Speaking of blowing up, that was quite an explosion in London this morning. Did you feel it? The smoke was beautiful, in a horrible way. Inky. The images were compelling. I feared toxic repercussions.

I couldn't help thinking of Bhopal. I guess it was just an accident? Hopefully.

DAVE BONES said...

Death to the fucking infidel!

DAVE BONES said...

I just saw it on TV was that you?

Indigobusiness said...


I thought it might be you.

Indigobusiness said...

The bigger mystery is how the lower railing bar is on THIS side of the figure at the rear?

Riddle me this, Batman.


DAVE BONES said...

What THIS one? You don't believe that do you?

Indigobusiness said...


I don't know what to believe...that's why I ask stupid questions.

Everything is suddenly a mystery wrapped in a riddle.

Maybe I'll ask Barry? If I do call him, I wonder if he'll accept the charges?

Or maybe detective Mike would work pro bono?

DAVE BONES said...

pro bono?

I suppose that is one way of putting it.

Indigobusiness said...

I see. I'm beginning to realize just how
pro bono you Brits actually are.

DAVE BONES said...

High libido no? Fucking animals we are.

Indigobusiness said...

And they say Texicans are obnoxious.