December 19, 2005

"The movie will do to Michael Moore and 'Fahrenheit 9/11,' what the bloggers have done to CBS and Dan Rather and America deserves to hear the truth."

--Victor Elizalde, 30th District Congressional Candidate, California

What bloggers have done to...did I miss something?


The Scrutinator said...

The CBS News program "60 Minutes" ran a story on President Bush's National Guard service based on forged documents. The blogs exposed them.

Things began with Sixty-first minute.

Google Rathergate.

DAVE BONES said...

so the documents Moore used in F 9/11. Were they fake too? Has Bush got a distinguished service record from 'nam he is keeping quiet about?

The Scrutinator said...

The movie is to Michael Moore as the bloggers are to Dan Rather. Analogy, not direct connection.

Moore's detractors: and related sites.

Hope things are well with you. Merry Christmas.

DAVE BONES said...

cheez mate. I love this anti-Moore stuff. Good to know you are still alive. Merry Xmas!

DAVE BONES said...

Do you think they deliberately do this because they are Republicans or do they genuinely believe he is a nice guy? Why are military people not offended to see George Bush dressed up like a fighter pilot?

I mean dressing up and playing war? Thats offensive no?