December 28, 2005


via Rightwingsparkle

I thought the states too prudish to be up in the newsreader fetishists stakes but I'm wrong.
Where does this woman read the news? I think she is looking at me in this photo. What do you think? Dave and Lauren? I think its made in heaven.


Stefanie said...

Ha ha! Those are all of my local newscasters! When I moved here 2 years ago, I was amazed at their wardrobes, too. "Is this the real news?" "Yes." "Then how came they all look like sluts?"

But just so you know, Ms. Sanchez reads the news for UPN, a more laid back network, not CBS or ABC. When their news ads run, its Laura Sanchez and the other hotties gyrating to a Christina Aguilera sound-allike singing "Get it on, get it on!"

DAVE BONES said...

She sings that while she is bumping and grinding with me.