December 23, 2005

Great left wing thinkers part 3

Hang on...

I'm trying to find the links to a story about a girl who used to squat with us in North London who got into Buckingham palace as a hooker, slept with the guards, got them to photograph her in their uniforms and then sold the story to the tabloids...this is all quite recent apparently.

A friend of mine press-ganged me into the Xmas spirit a bit yesterday. Someone gave him the must have pressie for Xmas. A fluffy sheep with a long tail you can squeeze at diferent points to get musical notes or lay flat and play like a little organ. If anyone finds this on the net post me a link.

Merry Xmas everyone! I'm off innit.


boudica of suburbia said...

Merry Xmas! And a happy Xmas Eve!


Anonymous said...

Where are the pics? It's been 3 days

DAVE BONES said...

Haven't found anything online. I'll try and get the whole story for Socialistwanker.

Mr. Swazipie may have more info, Paulette told me.

I was impressed.