December 10, 2005


Strangely enough Glen Jenvey got in contact with me the other day. I've always been aware of his workand the fact that it is his evidence which the prosecution are relying on in the Hamza case but I never thought of directly contacting him. My films are the opposite to his. Watch them. They were a big inspiration to me to look for the other side.

Last night, speaking to Hajj I told him

"Whilst you are not saying "Kill all Jews" and you clearly state that innocents should not be bombed in this country, I am always interested in carrying on following your story as none of you have threatened me and the Police don't seem to want to arrest any of you..."

I told him Glen had been in contact.

"Over the years I have developed a genuine concern, although I have no idea who Mr. Hamza is myself, in the fact that you believe he is innocent. You must also appreciate that in terms of a story, for me to get the other side of this accurately, and be able to contrast the two in film would be a serious development of the huge amount of hard work I have put into this project. In the interests of objectivity, a thing which British film makers champion."

Hajj told me that I should be paid thousands for what I have been doing, which was very touching.

The best thing I could hope for in terms of pure documentary exploration would be a filmed meeting between Glen Jenvey and the friends of Abu Hamza who I have met. I have read he claims to have recieved threats from Mr. Hamza's associates, so I am not sure how easy this would be to engineer, but I suggested it to Glen by email and got this reply:

Meet the man who put abu hamza behind bar's? interview? may-be not a wise thing i don't think they would want to meet me and i might not be allowed to do such a interview. but i my-self would say yes i'm interested in the idea if i get the going ahead. they may want to meet up and explain why they are so racist against other faith's and people living in the west i would be interested in hearing this from they own lip's.

It is interesting that Glen shares some of the same regular mistakes in written English that I manage to express myself with in this blog. I was also surprised that he shared the same mission:

my self i'm always looking for way's to bring peace not war i think al-qaeda and there supporters are a bunch of thugs may-be they can show to me they are human..

I'm really glad Glen has got in touch. He told me about a book he has been involved in and a film called Obsession. He promised to watch my films. He also tipped me off about a demo by Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain which I went down to today.

(is) there ... no will by the police to stop this group of islamic terrorist's? he asks.

He asked what I felt about the Iraq war. I answered that I was aware of good and bad on both sides, but I felt that Hamza was wasted in Prison. Whilst I have been making a huge effort to get Mr. Hamza's friends side of this story, it would be good to have the opportunity to place myself more squarely and responsibly in the middle. If I can record everyones views without upsetting anyone I reckon that would be an achievement.

Although no one has realised it yet, this is a hugely exciting human drama. I honestly feel for everyone involved in it.

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