February 07, 2006


I'm going to leave this cryptic because I've been asked to but THERE IS SOMETHING BLINDINGLY OBVIOUS ALL THE MEDIA IS MISSING....No really. ANY journalist who did ANY real research into this would see it STARING THEM IN THE FUCKING FACE. Boooooolocks to them.

Times Online, BBCNews, Reuters

You could actually see a bit of my face in the BBC piece which disturbed me a bit, but the presenter was talking over the question I was asking Mr. Hamza so thats OK.

I'm not really suprised about the verdict as the jury were not allowed to see anything Hamza had said at the time or since which refuted all of this. As I said before, looking at them I thought they would convict on the evidence they saw, the media assault and the current political climate.
Hamza's only defence were his words in court and "context". I was a bit suprised that they convicted on the Encyclopedia of Afghan Jihad after Mr. Seale's testimony, but there you are.

On the ITV News I saw a guy calling himself Abu Jihad say that the "Black Flag of Islam" would be over Downing Street one day. I sat eating lunch with this guy on the steps of St. Pauls the other day. He had missed most of the trial because he was in Turkey. I asked him if the Police had questioned him a lot over the years. He only spoke of one occasion when a group of them were on their way to the airport to go for Hajj in Mecca.

Channel 4 news
Notice in studio discussion Azzam Tamimi doesn't condemn Mr. Hamza outright...

This is a curious interview I missed which Johann Hari (who is gay) did with Hamza years ago.

also do check out Newsnight when the program comes online in a minute

And - at a time when the vast majority of British Muslims are uneasy that their peaceful religious beliefs are often drowned out by the noisiest and most extreme minority within their community - how long will it be before another "Abu Hamza" takes his place?

THE MEDIA drown out the peaceful majority because peaceful Muslims don't make news do they? Notice they ARE DESPERATE for someone to take Hamza's place.

Here is an interesting Times article comparing the Hamza and Griffin cases.


boudica of suburbia said...

That bloody Griffin. I remember anti-BNP leafleting in Halifax and Oldham (which I gave up because it turned out to be less of a anti-BNP group and more of a George Galloway recruitment campaign)and Griffin getting his henchmen to hold their growling rotties on short chains. We left pretty quickly lol, those BNP people aren't the nicest of folk. Never-the-less I am the only one of the group *not* on redwatch, which is pretty good going really. And probably because I'm not terribly committed. I think I need a life first before I start delegating it. God this is more of a confessional, I'll stop.

As for the Hamza inprisonment, I'm not sure it was the best solution but we have to live with it now. It's always a bit medusa-like with extremists. Hating them just breeds more of them and once you've got rid of one a few more take their place. I think its about tackling them as individuals and changing their thinking, only then could you influence anyone really.



DAVE BONES said...

Wow. Deep stuff. Thanks. I'm at my wits end with all this. Love your BNP/Galloway story. Was the SWP involved? Those sort of stories used to be what Socialistwanker.com was set up for. Do go into detail if you get time.

Does anyone else think like you do about Hamza et al? I don't think so.