February 10, 2006

ya hombre!

That evil, evil totalitarian Chavez is at it again.

I randomly met a Venezuelan surfing the blogsphere in the early hours. Do you remember the babelfish in the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy? The "babelfish" which you stick in your ear to translate alien languages for you? How many years later and heres the online babelfish. Its still got teething problems, or should I say it is "flapping about a bit with its mouth opening and closing". I asked what she thought of the "Chavez revolution" here is my reply via babelfish:

Experiments? Hummm not, sounded to robust means that, friend I say something to him, we are not rates of laboratory, or some strange sample of society... I would like to know from where she writes We have been a young country that is experiencing a series of changes of all type, and for some years (if, we experimented, nobody experiments with us) Good... this I complete that I write, I do it leaving my opinion out of danger (very personal) on if he is certain that of the changes... What I think? and I have little space much to write it everything... with respect to the Forum, sincerely seemed to me the purest act of political proselitismo here... to be honest to what extent the participants knew the reality Venezuelan, but I am not sure that those who did it are not so favorable chavez It did not want to enter controversies of political type, but this it is subject for post, post long and laying


What to make of that? She doesn't sound too impressed but doesn't want to be drawn too much maybe?


The Scrutinator said...

Google translates it the same way.

"leaving my opinion out of danger (very personal) on if he is certain that of the changes..."

Sounds like she's kind of scared to speak openly.

"...the purest act of political proselitismo here..."

Purest act of political proselytizing? I.e., propaganda?

DAVE BONES said...

thats what I thought. Sort of like

"These foreigners who come here don't know shit about my country"

hang on I live with some Spanish people I'll try and catch one and get back to you.

We are going to edit my friends footage over the weekend insh Allah.