February 08, 2006

Bloggers worm pie

OK OK I checked my tapes for the 7/7 bombers a long time ago..

Why oh why do I fucking do this? What did I ever hope to achieve? Stuck between Muslims who don't want to talk to me or don't think I understand because I'm a kaffir and media outlets...you know, I was just interested in the tiny group of people with a diferent opinion about Hamza than the one all over the News. I thought as no one else was doing it I'd give it a go. I thought it would be interesting to film these people. Its that simple and that horendously complicated.

I'm going to eat some worms, then I'm going to try and forget about all this for an evening.

Meanwhile, wonder of all wonders here is an Islamic site which is not scared to touch this issue. I've quoted MPACUK before. They seem to be pro-democracy though a comenter here once accused them of anti-semetism. I just called Abdullah and I think he was raging about having an argument with one of these guys on Sky news live... hang on... here's an interesting comment:

MPAC has at last joined the league of organisations actively engaged in fracturing this Ummah on the basis of their claim to represent the majority of the Muslims as claimed by its spokesperson on the Skynews today. Mr Bukhari, what Islamic interest do you think you were serving when you engaged the brother- Abu Abdullah- in the debate. The skynews journalist tactfully steered the two of you into engaging in dog fight under the pretext of making comments on Abu Hamza. You both ended up calling each othe Kaffirs, and the atmosphere was entirely changed for the two of you from a newroom to a courtroom. ALas, the two of you, and in fact the Abu Hamza himself are pathetic individuals that are simply playing into the hands of your common enemies- that is just how stupid you are. Abu Hamza may have been sentenced today, if you guys do not back off from the same people that led him to his prison room, remember that you already may have been enlisted. A word is enough for the wise.

and another:

SKY then got a close friend of Hamza to debate with someone from the Muslim Council (some banana organization) about the sentence and they just started a slanging match about who was a true Muslim... I could see all the the editors rubbing their hands and slapping their backs at the stupidity of these two people. Why demonise Islam when you can let Muslims do it themselves. I felt ashamed....

and this is interesting:

Abu Hamza says what he means, like it or hate it.

Two:The BNP are a bigger threat. They're winning elections and encouraging others to play the race card. Abu Hamza represents a fringe group within a minority. Despite efforts to prove that he's behind 7/7, we've yet to see proof he's more than rhetoric and spin.

Lastly, the media are obsessed with "the Hook". If newspapers gave fuehrer Nick that much publicity everyone would think the 4th Reich was coming soon.

The first statement is sort of what I think from seeing Hamza. If he was anti-semetic he would fucking say so. As some forgotten person said on TV last night, he is no "shrinking violet".

Anyway another:

Shame on you mapc.
After everything that has happened over these last few days what we didn’t need was any gloating over abu hamza’s conviction. Your participation in it, MPACUK (and of all channels on sky!) was a very bad call. I do not agree with all that hamza says but ive actually listened to him and in his unedited form much of what he says is ok (the delay in prosecution, verdicts and the framing of the counts in the indictment support that). I speak as someone who does not ascribe to any individual or group,. I have supported you in the past and done so proudly but this act of yours disgusted me. Most know nothing of the details of the trial, the defence evidence that was deemed inadmissible or pertinent evidence deemed irrelevant. Do you know that a RABBI & VICAR came as defence witnesses!

This last one explains, I hope to Non-Muslims why Muslims often don't speak out against other Muslims in front of the "kaffir". It seems to be one of the biggest sins.


The Scrutinator said...

I'm very glad you embarked on this journey, even though I'm one who has criticized you as much as anyone.

I know it's been very taxing, mentally and emotionally. (And I realize I can't begin to really appreciate how much.)

Your blog and first-hand observations are an important piece of the puzzle.

DAVE BONES said...

Nice one dude, I really appreciate your support over the years.