February 03, 2006

via terrorism news:

We would be happy to work under the Irish model...

The West has nothing to fear from Hamas. We're not going to force people to do anything. We will not impose Sharia. Hamas is contained. Hamas deals only with the Israeli occupation. We are not Al Qaeda.

I tried to bring "the Irish model" into the fray when the TV News brought US acusations of terrorism to Abu Hamza in Preachers of Hate. Didn't really work. Nice try though.


The Scrutinator said...

Until the Islamic 'ummah is self-sufficient, it requires the West and it needs to speak soothing words to the West. The West, especially the media and the EU, is so starved to hear the words it wants to hear that it will happily and uncritically listen to whatever the terrorists say. And the terrorists, in turn, have learned what key words they need to say to feed the insatiable desire to feed the "peace at all costs" cult of the West.

Indigobusiness said...

It's not a "cult", it's a principle.

Sort of like the opposing principle, summed up by David Brooks today when he said, "People don't mind corruption, as long as it serves their purposes."

The Scrutinator said...

Holding a principle beyond rationality provokes the cult suspicion.

The opposing principle would be "peace, but not at all costs."

Indigobusiness said...
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Indigobusiness said...

Rationality is in the eye of the beholder. You are being judgmental, not rational.

Neville Chamberlain's work has been scapegoated and distorted as much as Carter's, and Clinton's...and manipulated like yellowcake. Save your red-herrings.

Racism is "rational" to Klansmen. War is the "rational" solution to warmongers.

Have you noticed the war rhetoric heats up to a compelling need for war under Republicans, and cools down under Democrats?

The rush to squander a record surplus and turn it into a record deficit at the the behest of a bogus war is the height of criminality (any way you slice it). This is an ongoing egregious abuse of power, with nothing remotely patriotic about it or the support of it...quite the opposite. Read meaningful history...like what the Founders said about the potential for governmental abuse and the need to watch the power-brokers at every step.

The people aren't being served, they're being served up. They have been sold a bill of goods that preys upon their fears. Prosperity is unthinkable to the lords of your brand of "rational" mind. There's more money to be made from suffering.

Principles aren't a matter of costs, or bean-counter Machiavellianisms, they are ethical cornerstones. The long road is served by adhering to noble principles and undermined by selfish quick fixes. Principles are an inscrutable joke to the unprincipled.