February 22, 2006


7pm Tuesday Feb 7th 2006 - Dealing with the cops

When we were all 'young WOMBLES', the tactics used for dealing with the forces of law & order were new & exiting. Lines of foam clad white overalls struck fear into riot cops throughout the known world!!! - (Well almost!).

On the other hand it was nice to observe that white overall tactics however limited did cause a response from the cops as well as hysteria in the media (remember Mayday, Dsei etc.). The main positive outcome from this tactic was the solidarity it created & encouraged throughout the years.

Even if certain old ways have passed their sell-by date, as times have changed, we still have this solidarity. Therefore it should be a very positive thing to discuss how we can evolve our strategy & tactics related to dealing with the 'dark forces', so we can remain one step ahead.

The Prince of Wales saw himself as a "dissident" trying to influence opinion by writing letters to politicians and he used the media to disseminate his views, according to former aide Mark Bolland.

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