February 09, 2006

Darren first tried crystal meth when he was 15-years-old and by the age of 17 this destructive drug had a powerful hold on his life. He used the drug in the rave scene, but after he was taught how to steal cars by a meth trafficker, he began using them to transport stolen property from apartment storage locker break-ins, mail thefts, and theft from vehicles. Darren states that he has stolen hundreds of cars which in itself became a second addiction where he stole "for the rush".

Darren speaks freely about how crystal meth almost killed him when, after a meth binge that lasted for 12 straight days and nights without sleep, his throat became swollen shut and he required emergency hospitalization to save his life. He also described drug fuelled high-speed escapes from police in stolen cars where he almost struck innocent pedestrians, including a child beside a school. Darren is now 23-years-old, but he feels that the past eight years have been stolen from him - he was the "walking dead".

Darren's message is clear: crystal meth and car theft stole his life, and nearly stole the lives of innocent people.

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