February 11, 2006

more Venezuelan babelfish

First that all thanks for your commentaries in my Blog, yours does not remain back for anything, is very good and is very pleasant. As far as the commentaries of Mr.Bones: "My not to understand anything" ^ _ ^ If they want my opinion of the Forum, were an excellent opportunity so that people of other parts occurred to account the left thing that his "leader" has to Venezuela, whereas he takes care to give the money to other nations. As she badly says a joke that walks crossing the Web: "Ch├ívez is going to help Venezuela, which happens is that it goes in alphabetical order, the first Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil.....Venezuela, Vietnam...., is necessary to have patience" ¬ _ ¬ Greetings, we are ***reflxing mng ourselves!

I don't think she's that impressed with Chavez.

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