February 18, 2006


Haven't been "home" for three days now, yesterday spent sitting watching Lord of the Rings in a HUGE building with the old squat buddies. Czechs, Poles and Bulgars, Heavy Metal Pete juggling, chaos draws me back.

"--- has been to hospital. I think he' s severed a tendon..." said a girl I hadn't met before.

"Really? Was he punching walls?" I asked knowing the answer.

I had been with this guy the day before, he was happy as Larry but he does tend to flip going from squat to squat with boxes of bike bits making highly individualistic London street bikes. I bought a front wheel for my bike off him for six quid. My friend had bought a really nice bike for thirty-five. One less to move.

After Lord of the Rings I met another old friend in an Islington pub.

"I haven't gambled for 31 days! I've been going to GA meetings on Tuesdays, got a nice new girlfriend..."

We went back to his for a bit then off to another pub in Highgate. I hadn't seen him since October last year and it was nice to catch up.

"I don't like to see people when I am gambling. I spent Christmas alone and cold..."

"You shouldn't worry. Its your money. I'm not your girlfriend. It makes no diference to me. If you gamble you should take me with. Do you cheer the horses?" I asked.

"Yes mate."

"Do you have any idea which one is going to win?"

"No mate. Once I just kept betting on number seven over and over again."

We walked past the betting shop on the corner of his road on the way back from the pub.

"Do you ever use this betting shop?" I asked.

"Yes mate." he answered, stopping to honk up a big greeny and spit it on the doorhandle."I won a grand on three numbers once. They had it all back within three days..."

Theres a voice inside which wants to go straight, get a fulfilling job buy a house and have kids. There is another voice which feels safe in the chaos of squatting. Treading water watching people pass through. Playing music loud in huge spaces I will eventually loose. Grim laughter from everyone living with their obvious failings and mental health problems on the surface.

Autistic Behaviour? I don't know. Its easier to go backwards to something you know than forwards into the unknown. the legacy of trying to record the views of Fundamental Islamists for three years makes a bit more sense when I am back amongst the people I was living with when I first started.

What I think is beginning to crystalize. When I filmed the kids they spoke about what they did and why they did it proudly. I put the critisisms the press were making to them and they answered them. With Islamists I just can't go through this simple process with a camera running which makes it an interesting waster of time, but a fucking waste of time when it comes down to it. In this case, three years.

Is it because they like the idea of martyrdom?
because they are all secretly terrorists who want to kill me?
because I am a kaffir?

Maybe I don't tick enough boxes. I don't recognise a "Police state" around me. There used to be one in the 1980s, it isn't there anymore and I will argue that with any moany "pwotestor". Yes they photograph me. Yes "thinking I might become a terrorist" is mildly iritating and I am a bit indignant with the image of "Big brother" this creates in my mind but no one stops me, my blog is here, I am free to pusue my life within legal means. In short the Police don't hassle me and from what I can tell they don't hassle Abu Abdullah either. Which is why I reckon my suspicion as to why the Police have arrested NONE of them and didn't want to arrest Hamza either is the right one. i.e MI-5 know what they are doing (de menezez apart) and David Cameron et al can go fuck.

Anyway the Venezuelans have actually fought off a Bush backed coo, are proud of themselves and want to talk about it so when I get round to picking my computer up I'll be back with some Venezuela. Bit more simple than talks about talks about bullshit.

William Hague was not far wrong, in response, when he dubbed the anti-glorification clause a "press release law".

but the great irony - and perhaps the great injury - of this approach is that, far from calming the public mood about the genuine threats from Islamist terrorism and its apologists, it may provoke and exacerbate it.

We shall not support Hamza or anybody who creates hatred to incite people to be violent or resort to acts of terrorism against innocent people...

But our question is : Those who will not hesitate to criticise God, why are not they defending Abu Hamza and criticise his conviction as because he did not commit any crime but used his freedom of speech? This is the reason why Muslims feel they are being discriminated and punished for religious reason. Fight terrorism politically and there will be peace and justice

To start with if Abu Hamza, regarded by many as a buffoon, is such a deadly threat to Britain, indeed to civilization as a whole, why is he getting away with such a light sentence?

The seeds of clashes are there in both the Koran and the Bible. Each one of them de-legitimises the existence of the other. As per their thinking, the "others" are fit to be converted or executed. Harmonious co-existence is not an option anymore. There are dozens of ayats in Koran which justify what Abu Hamza has been saying. Fortunately, there are countries where these ayats are not found in the Koran as these have been gently deleted.

Today, freedom tends to be absolute though there is no absolute freedom anywhere in the world, including the most democratic countries.

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