February 28, 2006


Just found this in the sun complete with a video. Last time I bumped into Mustapha quite by chance in West London he told me he was releasing CDs.There is obviously a growing Jihadi pop market out there. He looked quite cool for a mini-version of dad and was with a friend who had eye liner on the bottom of his eyes I think. I have never ever heard him say anything hateful and I was there when he spoke after his dad was arrested. Maybe I'll try and dig the tape out to see what he did say. Maybe I wont fucking bother. I've rung Mustapha and Mohssain a few times over the last few months but they never answer. As I've said before I've given up on all this crap.

also read Son of a preacher man here.

also check out this Jihadi rap video which appears to focus on Chechenya and of course Dirty Kuffar by Sheik terra and the Soul Sala Crew.

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