February 11, 2006

Can you not draw pictures of our prophet with a bomb on his head please?

Guess who I saw on the BBC/MCB pro-Islam protest?

Christopher Hitchens.

Hes probably going to write something about it somewhere so keep your eyes open.

I also bumped into one of the professional photographers I used to meet in Finsbury park on a regular basis. He said he had gone freelance recently and was much happier working less.

"Have you had any luck getting your doc on TV?"


"Thats a suprise. I thought you'd be in the middle of it by now..."

"Yeah, I tried the BBC, Channel 4 turned my idea down..."

"Have you tried Jon Snow?"

"No. I tried the Channel 4 News indyfund years ago."

"I meet Jon Snow sometimes through work. He is very approachable."

"Yeah, I don't know. I don't think these TV people like me. Maybe its the way I look..."

"Everyone who does these type of documentaries are nutters. They know that. Maybe if you took the bones out when you first meet them... No don't do that. You stay as yourself. Good luck!"

What can I say about the protest? It was boring. I'd rather have been at the "beheading" protest though that would have been boring too. Apparently Galloway was booed when he spoke. I'm sad that I missed that. I almost went down to the Big Brother house to boo him and now I've missed another opportunity. Fuck it.

here is a video of Galloway getting booed out of the Big Brother house for those who missed it.

I moved on to the O-I-L "reclaim love" event by the statue of Eros in picadilly. Mr. F-I-T made sure I knew he was filming me again.

PS- Note to LITTLE GREEN FOOTBALLS- can I join? You have some ridiculous comments about Islam over here that I would like to answer... my email is dave*at*socialistwanker.com


Anonymous said...

sorry dave if that caused you any grief, but I was the one who posted that, in the interest of dialogue. my thoughts were your having first hand perspective without the beeb spinning into a centrifugal explosion might be useful, fair and balanced like FOX.
seems no harm so far, again, sorry for mentioning it.

Anonymous said...

BTW, dave no need to ask if you can join LGF, just wait for registration to be opened up, it tells you so near the upper left corner, you really do have another perspective to offer, although the hoard may overwhelm you...but middle of the road is the best any of us can expect, where the middle lies is another argument.

The Scrutinator said...

db: "Can you not draw pictures of our prophet with a bomb on his head please?"

Why so selective? Why not, "Can you not offend any religion please?" Don't others deserve the same treatment?

Or what about a bargain? "If you [non-Muslims] respect our prophet, we'll respect you."

DAVE BONES said...

not at all! I wasn't offended by your post. Thanks for your kind words. Are you a Republican? Republicans in general are by best "barometer" in all this.

I am really impressed that a perspective the people who commision media don't seem to want to know about grass roots Republicans have no problem introducing themselves to.

It makes me really hopeful and I am the sort of person who needs hope desperately.

What I am interested in is you saying that I am "to the left of Kos". Republicans have said this before. I don't read Kos. How is it "left" and what makes me "to the left" of it?

DAVE BONES said...

Mr. S:

I wasn't meaning to be selective.
I was just cheekily comparing a large mainstream demo to say "Can you not draw a pic of our prophet with a bomb on his head" to a small demo saying "Behead those who insult Islam".

Indigobusiness said...

The cartoon is just a trigger for something that has been festering and simmering and waiting for just this sort of catalyst.

This is beginning to feel like a surreal and disfigured and paradoxical reprise of the 60s, with irrate moderate moslems cast in the role of the hippies.

DAVE BONES said...

Of course! There were terrorist organisations within a fairly justified freedom movement then. I didn't think of that.

Indigobusiness said...

I reckon King George considered Patrick Henry a terrorist, too. Words are losing their meaning. War is becoming a sports metaphor.

An end to killing is not a preposterous goal, but it does require dedication...and waking the fuck up.

boudica of suburbia said...

I usually hate the SUN but their Valentine's trick on Galloway was fucking hillarious. They sent a card with a number in it. He called, invited her to the HoC where the "date" involved George tearing an iced doughnut in two and proffering half to the lucky lady.

Who said romance is dead?