February 27, 2006


I briefly squatted with a female Polish rapper. Polish rap sounds exactly like normal rap backwards.

MA-DE IN POLAND (2005, UK/Poland, 47 mins) Director, Tony August. Q&A
discussant, KASTA
Tuesday, February 28th, 7.00pm
Venue: J Z Young Lecture Theatre, Anatomy Building, Gower Street
(University College London) WC1N

Further info about all the films, bookings and directions:
Documentary examining social & political aspects of the hip hop music
scene and film-making in Poland, part 'verite', part experimental, with an
emphasis on issues of identity and 'globalisation'

Shot in September 2002 in Wroclaw, Lodz and Katowice 'Ma-de In Poland'
looks at the then contemporary hip hop music scene in Poland. The film
begins in Wroclaw with Kasta Sklad, a local collective, in concert.

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