February 07, 2006


Jon Snows snowmail

The DPP is interesting on the issue of whether he got a fair trail,
whether he will be extradited and just how villainous he is.

There's no doubting the odious nature of the utterances captured on
video tape, but I must also confess a very slight concern about the extend
to which he and his hook may have been demonised . My editor tells me
that it's a typical wet liberal view (not for the first time). And
actually damn me twelve good men and women true have banged him to rights. So be it.

also More4News video:

We speak with a man who's known Abu Hamza for years about what he makes of the radical cleric's seven year sentence for soliciting to murder, amongst other things.

Mohamed Ali, chief executive of the Islam channel and acquaintance of Abu Hamza joined us in the studio.

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