February 23, 2006

The One with the Hole?

The JCS staff had placed a peppermint at each place. Bush unwrapped his and popped it into his mouth. Later he eyed Cohen's mint and flashed a pantomime query, Do you want that? Cohen signaled no, so Bush reached over and took it. Near the end of the hour-and-a quarter briefing, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Army General Henry "Hugh" Shelton, noticed Bush eyeing his mint, so he passed it over.


Indigobusiness said...

Cohen is the one good example of a respectable Republican in this.

May the rest of that group all rot in Hell.


DAVE BONES said...

Its an interesting dialogue. Reading the Downing street memos too it seems like all this war is more the result of geeky buisiness meetings than any "evil powers that be"

Indigobusiness said...

Evil is as evil does.

I'm not sure what evil really is, if anything, but this is the boardroom from my worst nightmare.

Karma has its work cut out.