February 10, 2006

The Reunification of Islam

This is fascinating. More from the article the Islamabad teenagers pointed out:

Do you think it possible that this winter will continue? Every winter is followed by spring, and every night by day. But the Islamic world is all broken up and fragmented. They have gone to study. It is like this: India is an able son of Islam; it is studying in the high school of the British. Egypt is a clever son of Islam; it is taking lessons in the British school for civil servants. Caucasia and Turkestan are two valiant sons of Islam; they are training in the Russian war academy. And so on. You see, after these noble sons of Islam have received their diplomas, each will lead a continent, and, waving the banner of Islam, their just and mighty father, on the horizons of perfection, will proclaim the mystery of pre-eternal wisdom inherent in mankind in the view of pre-eternal divine determining and in the face of obstinate fate (Said Nursi. Kastamonu Lahikasi, 121-32).

Although written several decades ago, this narrative clearly sets forth the goals as well as the strategy of the Nur movement. Taking this prophecy to heart, Fethullah Gulen, the leader of the Fetullahci world wide educational system, Interfaith Dialogues, and the Rumi Organization, has raised up an army of young Islamists armed with a good education and the code of secrecy and unwavering allegiance to him, to go as missionaries to spread Islam and in so doing ensure the birth of Islam in Europe, and then in the United States.


In the eighties Pakistan backed the Afghans against the Red Army because that was what the US wanted; in the mid-nineties the mujahideen were banished and replaced by the Taliban in order to appease the US; in September 2001 Pakistan changed its policy as a result of a single phone-call from US secretary of state Colin Powell. Likewise Musharraf’s abandonment of Kashmir is also the result of pressure from Washington.


The Scrutinator said...

If Pakistan bent so easily to pressure from the US, they'd have unilaterally abandoned their nukes a long time ago.

I'd like to see real evidence that "the mujahideen were banished and replaced by the Taliban in order to appease the US".

But I guess if their devil wasn't so powerful, they'd have to make him so.

DAVE BONES said...

Ha ha!! You lot are pretty good at bigging up the power of your devils too! remember Communism? The evil empire? All those Russians who wanted to kill you?

Indigobusiness said...

Our demon du jour is what defines our politics. At least when the hawks rule.

People seem to forget that everyone from Castro to Saddam was golden until they told us to fuck off. Then they were suddenly the personification of evil. We have bought and sold our collective self.

The melodrama is a despicable clown-act.