February 15, 2006


The one week 'Operation New Market' has resulted in:

- Most mosques in the city were bombed during the first attack days, sometimes with people still praying in them,
- The only hospital in Haditha was bombed to ruins, on May 28, 2005, resulting in the death of many doctors, staff and patients.
- American war planes completely destroyed, on May 28, 2005, the main electrical substation that provided electricity for the whole city.
- On May 28, 2005, American war planes blew up the main water refinery station in Haditha, rendering it completely useless for providing fresh water for the city.
- Half of the schools in Haditha have been thoroughly destroyed, and the other half have been taken over by the Americans and their 'Iraqi mercenaries', just as the year's finals are approaching.


The Scrutinator said...

Jesus would be in favor of you corroborating bunkum before publishing it. Of the photos in his story, none suggest the truth of his claims. No photos of dead doctors, destroyed electrical or water plants.

In fact, the photos of the plane are taken from the air and there's nothing but water in the background. Fraudulent on their face.

You really gotta think twice before blogging when you're so drugged up.

DAVE BONES said...

you think this isn't true?

DAVE BONES said...

how about this

"Listen…we witnessed crimes in the west area of the country of what the bastards did in Haditha and al-Qa'im. It was a crime, a really big crime we have witnessed and filmed in those places and recently also in Fallujah. We need big help in the western area of the country. Our doctors need urgent help there. Please, this is an URGENT humanitarian request from the hospitals in the west of the country. We have big proof on how the American troops destroyed one of our hospitals, how they burned the whole store of medication of the west area of Iraq and how they killed a patient in the ward … how they prevented us from helping the people in al-Qa'im. This is an URGENT Humanitarian request. The hospitals in the west of Iraq ask for urgent help …we are in a big humanitarian medical disaster…."

Indigobusiness said...

While its good to have someone assert what Jesus would be in favor of, it is unlikely Jesus would be that petty.

The Scrutinator said...

I think that isn't true. Address my reasons.

I think Dahr Jamail lying to you, too.

"...it is unlikely Jesus would be that petty."

Jesus seemed to care that people believed the truth.

DAVE BONES said...

OK. fair enough. I don't like arguing with you as we have been friends for such a long time now, neither of us knows, we both probably want to believe diferent sides and there is very little information from the area which comes from sources which could be deemed "unbiased".

What do you think of "a citizen of mosul"? (link on the side) lying?

Sometimes it seems to me that Christian Republicans honestly believe Iraq destroyed its own infrastructure.

Indigobusiness said...

"Jesus seemed to care that people believed the truth."

Jesus forgave, particularly the blind.

But he had little tolerance for the self-righteous, or the twisting of his words.

From your citation: "...God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in spirit and in truth."

This is a reference to THE truth, the WHOLE truth, and NOTHING BUT the truth. Not selective truth, opinion, politics, or dogma.

DAVE BONES said...

I just can't see how Jesus would describe ANY bombing of innocents as ANTHING BUT terrorism.

Indigobusiness said...

Of course, but that doesn't address what he'd be in favor of.

He was no knee-jerk reactionary.

Violence is abhorrent to any peace advocate.