July 17, 2005

BBC Radio 1 found, at the end of last week, many young people in the Muslim community around Luton who simply refused to believe there was any connection at all between Muslims and the bombings.

They seemed to believe the bombs were part of a conspiracy to damage the Muslim community.

No shit?

BBC Online here

Pakistan has accused Britain of being a “breeding ground for terrorists”

-bit of a turn around. I bet they've been dying to do that for ages!

Britain's largest Sunni Muslim group, the Sunni Council, issued a binding religious edict known as a fatwa condemning suicide bombings as being against the Quran.

from the same article:

"These policies have created the maelstrom of hate from which the extremist Muslims are feeding," George Galloway, a member of Parliament from the leftist Respect Party, boomed to a few hundred cheering listeners. "A fish needs water in which to swim."

The event was organized by groups including the Stop the War coalition, whose chairwoman, Lindsey German, said she had been receiving unwanted attention and phone calls since the fourth bombing suspect was identified as a Jamaican-born British resident named Germaine Lindsay (a man previously identified in the media by a variety of names, including Lindsay Germaine, and complicated by his taking the name Jamal upon converting to Islam). "It's been rather unfortunate," German quipped, "but I'm getting used to it."

Also, not only does the Muslim community disown the bombers, a Black UK magazine also disowns Germaine Lindsay as a Jamaican on its front page. "Not one of us" it says but I can't find the link.


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