July 25, 2005

Met Monty the 14 ft burmese python over the weekend.
"Always know where his head is and never let him make
a full loop around your body..."

I have make up round my eyes because we were getting
ready to perform Shakespeare's Midsummernights dream.
If we'd have known the snake was going to turn up we'd
have given him a role.


RightwingSparkle said...

I LOVE a Midsummernights dream! When my hubby and I went to London years ago we immediately hopped on a tube to St. James Park (I think) and went to see what was playing at the outdoor theatre. That was it!! It was MAGICAL!!! One of my favorite memories of London.

Anonymous said...

i got all worried about your health for a second before i read the caption -those dark circles!

looks like you're having fun!

DAVE BONES said...

It was great. Most of us had never acted since we were at school. Once it got going it took on its own energy.

we do it again next weekend. I will post some photos.