July 06, 2005


Day two of "legal arguments", even Mr. Hamza got bored and left early. You often read of a defendant "showing no emotion" -an apt way to describe Mr. Hamza for the hour or so he came up through the underground tunnel today. Very strange watching such a big guy lean down with a naked stump onto a stair rail.

It brought home how much Mr. Hamza's media image focuses on the hooks, and how harmless he looks without them. The Judge and Mr. Fitzgerald, barrister for the defence seemed to enjoy the detail whilst everyone else fidgeted and struggled to stay awake. It's frustrating not being able to go into any detail about events so far.

There are an interesting group of "trial watchers" who frequent the public gallery currently watching the dramatic conclusions of Steven Jenkins retrial, which is sharing court one with the Hamza case. Another defendant who "Showed no emotion" for the short time I saw him in the dock.

Knowing the trial clashed with the G8 it was an easy choice for me, but I have a lot of friends at the protest. Following news of the disturbance I was waiting to see one of them on TV. I didn't have to wait long. Channel 4 have been doing a week of truly epic news programs here in the UK, taking in the views of world leaders, pop stars and people in the streets of Africa live.

Todays program was no exception. The I.O.C., The French Prime Minister, Our prime minister, Bush's first speech at the G8 (booooo!!!!) as well as a beautiful bunch of kids on the streets of Stratford in the east end celebrating the successful Olympic bid. Flashing up with all of this were chaotic pictures from the Glenneagles protest including a guy who came to Stonehenge with us for the solstice:

"Did you see that? The Police just nicked my digeridoo man!"

If the Hamza trial wasn't on would I be in Scotland? Probably not. I got bored shitless by the predictable nature of violence at protests a long time ago. Both sides live up to each others expectations of each other, nothing changes. For more views about the protest Stuart's piece on indymediaUK is worth reading if you are interested. I empathise with the first comment:

I won't be going on any more big protests til the Italians and Spanish stop turning up. They take themselves far too seriously. -jerry b

I find this sad and very backward looking:

It's a shame to see clowns hugging and smiling with a cop in riot gear (or without!). Too many have died, been brutalized by police in the UK and elsewhere to let us joke with them. We have just to fight them with all means necessary.

here are a few pictures that are a cut above the usual indymedia blah.

Hamza trial continues 2.05 pm tomorow, protest continues ad nauseum.

Old Bailey tip from day 2: You can enter the public gallery at any time if there is room, so do stop by if you are bored or interested in the spectacle of British justice. Leaving your bag with the estate agents over the road costs you £1. Leaving it with the Italians over the road from the main entrance costs £2. They make lovely chicken soup.

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