July 28, 2005


Nothing against gay people myself, not into the idea but it could be said that I am in touch with my "feminine side". So this sort of thing disturbs me. Not a society I would want. The second time I ever spoke to Abu Abdullah he quoted me a passage from the Bible which said homosexuals should be put to death. That disturbed me, but also made me wonder why we are not being terrorised by Christian fundamentalists as the Bible seems to be way more bloodthirsty than the Koran.

Peter Tatchell, the leader of OutRage; Brett Lock its campaign coordinator; and Aaron Saeed, the organization's spokesperson on Muslim affairs, have been warned they will be murdered, Tatchell said Monday.

In a statement Tatchell said that they have been told they are on a "hit list" and are going to be "beheaded" and "chopped up", in accordance with "Islamic law".

For the record, when I asked Abdullah if he advocated gay bashing he was really hurt.I don't doubt that Peter Tatchell has this type of problem with some of the Muslim community, but I get the impression that Abdullah lives in quite a closed community and doesn't spend a lot of his time thinking about how to kill gay people.


Anonymous said...

why we are not being terrorised by Christian fundamentalists

Because the Christian Fundamentalists are currently winning, and currently have no need for terror tactics, preferring intolerance and bigotry. Believe me, if America were under assault from Islamic Cultural Imperialism, the Bible Belt crazies would be blowing themselves up like 4th July fireworks.

RightwingSparkle said...

Uhh.. Yeah ben...rrriighhhtt.

I am not a fundamentalists, but I know a few. It's called hate the sin, love the sinner. No one that I know in the Christian community would EVER advocate violence on gay people or anyone else for that matter.

Christ taught love and compassion.

Defending oneself in a battle is a different story. That is secular and military. Don't confuse the two.