July 19, 2005


Hello to whichever sarf London thieving bastard stole our computer for a rock! For about 2 hours or so some pornograhic verse was edited into my blog! My password was on the stolen computer. I have since changed it. Was it the thieving junkie, the person he/she sold the computer too or my imagination?

Tony Parsons in the mirror:

The bombers hated everything about this country apart from its privileges, its benefits and its freedoms. They may have carried British passports, but they were not British by allegiance. They had no loyalty or love for this place.

We have been too soft, of course. We have allowed too many people to build their lives here without asking anything in return.

We sneer at the Americans for making their schoolchildren pledge allegiance to the flag - but who can deny that any country is healthier if it is loved by all of its people?

I do not know where it went wrong with these young men. There are no excuses for what happened in London. There are no justifiable reasons for tearing innocent people to pieces.

And there was something nauseating about those who brought up Blair and Iraq when rescue workers were still pulling broken bodies from the wreckage of Tube trains.

But you don't have to be George Galloway or a mad mullah to believe that the wrongheaded invasion of Iraq inflamed Muslim feeling. Muslims feel a life in London is valued more than a life in Baghdad, and they are right.

Abu Abdullah:

What Muslim would love the religion of God and choose hellfire? Unless two Muslims agree and witness that they are guilty i will not believe the "kuffar" government. I believe it was Mi-5 and those individuals who rule the world.


I don't know what the fuck is going on. I don't think that Muslims are brainwashed into blowing people up any more than we are all brainwashed into wearing clothes made in the third world by slave labour. Look around you. Everyone is wearing it. We've been brainwashed into it no? It all causes suffering by different rates no?

Can I respectfuly suggest we all just pause in the street for another minute and look around us and see

1. Who is really suffering and
2. What we can do about it.

Mr. Scrutinator, help me here. Mrs. Rightwingsparkle, how can you guys not want to "Make poverty history"? I know you do. It is beyond me to question either of you. Its just the right thing to do. In our lifetimes. Imagine how you would feel if we were the generation who accepted that sort of global individual responsibility. Its easy. I think we could do it.

I have very much enjoyed witnessing a" renaisance in Republican thinking" in this virtual world. There definately seems to be one even if I don't agree with it. I want to link with those Republicans who want to take it somewhere which can be truly of bebefit to all human beings.


RightwingSparkle said...

dave, Of course we want to make poverty history. How do we do it? Encourage democracy and free enterprise. Countries that are racked with poverty are also racked with communist or dictator governments. Where there is a free economy, there is prosperity.
Easier said than done, I know.
Do me a favor and to tell these guys I'm not that bad. Heh.

DAVE BONES said...

nice one! i thought you were awake. Look. I have a picture on my wall which says "Capitalism means war" given me my one of the "leaders"of the left wing party we lampoon. He's a nice guy.

In short, I don't believe that capitalism is the shortest answer, no. My evidence? All around me. I don't feel like blowing it up.

What would be he point?

DAVE BONES said...

and no worries, I will visit pettyrage.com. I know what you are up to!

DAVE BONES said...

moments later...

ok. done it. look now. how is that?

I couldn't see the screen very well but I think I spelt everything right.

RightwingSparkle said...

awww. Sweet! You know they will think you are just another REPUBLICAN! Wait till they see your blog!!! LOL!!!!

RightwingSparkle said...

Oh, I forgot to tell you how sorry I am you got your computer stolen!!!!!
ARRGHHHH!! I hate thieves!!!!

DAVE BONES said...

hey! it was probably a good rock of crack whilst it lasted, and we fixed the front door.

DAVE BONES said...

do you remember Mike H? from here? (Scroll down a long way) he was asking after you.

RightwingSparkle said...

OMG!! I can't believe how prophetic I was about the bombing in London!! I had forgotten I had even said that!!!!! *cue spooky music*

Also, thanks for the UPC comment. That was really nice. They didn't respond to your last comment though, did they? I don't know what Cernig was talking about in you believeing me. All I said was that we couldn't agree on anything.

Not too worried since I get about 20 times more hits than they do. *snicker*

DAVE BONES said...

no problem. you were a bit prophetic.

"I think the possibility of a bomb going off in Trafalger Square is something you need to not be so dissmissive of. I hope that never happens to you over there, but is that what it will take for you to take this seriously?"

I certainly feel a lot differently. I know that all over my blog I have been playing down the idea of an internal terrorist threat for two years. Everyone in Finsbury park thought the idea was ludicrous, so I tried to reflect that.

I am sure that they still all belive it was MI-5 or Mossad

I.:.S.:. said...

I've been expecting those bombs since 9-11. I've avoided the Tube and particularly the major stations if at all possible. I never thought they'd hit the 30 bus though.

Thieving sarf London crackheads should have their hands cut off, or what you think?

You could have traced the IP address whoever posted that stuff on your blog posted from.

The Scrutinator said...

I second Sparkle: We all agree to making poverty history, making the world a better place. But how does it happen? Where does it go wrong? I'm with Sparkle again: Freedom and free enterprise. Both are difficult roads, but still the best. And (we capitalists think) they'll bring out the best in us: hard work, self-discipline, ingenuity,

Capitalism has its warts (to say the least), and I can understand how Socialism would be tempting (esp. in the 1930's, when Capitalism seemed to be floundering in the U.S., and Soviet Socialism was new). But an honest look backwards shows that Capitalism improves the quality of the lives of its people the most.

These terrorists enjoyed your country's freedoms and privileges even while hating them, and used them to murder. Sick. Sick. Sick.

This source says: "Reports in the aftermath of the London bombings indicated that the British intelligence service estimates more than 3,000 residents of Great Britain had trained in the Afghanistan terrorist camps prior to the invasion of Afghanistan--which suggests that the probability is very high that most of the jihadists in England date their hatred of the West to some point prior to the invasion of Iraq."

Further, Saddam was likely in the top 3 murderers of Muslims in history (including Shia). Why wouldn't Muslims hate him and be grateful he's gone? Perhaps we're projecting our Western values on radical, militant Muslims when we assume they care about human life--even the lives of fellow Muslims.

"We've been brainwashed into [wearing clothes made in the third world by slave labour] no? It all causes suffering by different rates no?" I'm not going to defend 3rd world sweat shops except to say there's a drastic difference between someone who chooses to work there (vs. subsistence farming or whatever they'd otherwise be doing), and those under repressive governments (think China, North Korea) who do the same work for less with a gun to their head.

Sparkle: Kudos on getting under Lefty Jones' skin. Dave: sorry about your computer, mate. Those b*st*rds!

DAVE BONES said...

you talk about free trade but that was the one thing which stuck in Mr Bush's throat at the G8.

what was that honestly? all of that build up just to get him to admit that maybe global warming was the fault of humans. ridiculous.

as for thosands of jihadi sleepers trained in afghanistan, the ones I spoke to had honour. their big thing was kashmir and chechenya. They felt that they trained to fight justified wars in defence of their brothers and sisters. I think I read somewhere that only two camps out of 20 or so were "al quaida"

one of hamzas nearest and dearest told me that he encouraged people to go to afghanistan just to experience life under the "umma"

I do not doubt that there are plenty of British muslims with the capability and training though which is why we should help them out into the open now before anything escalates.

I realise this is contraversial but what is the alternative?