July 07, 2005

Republicans are half the audience.

Spoke to Mr. Abdullah. Says he didn't do it. Described the people who did as "Idiots."

I think calling me a "TERRORIST LOVER" is out of order. You don't know me. I've spent a considerable time gaining the trust of Abu hamza's friends and family for a film in the usual way a documentary maker would work. I like Michael Moores films, but to alienate Republicans as a film maker is to loose half your audience. Instead we have pitched the concept of a meeting between some of our Republican friends and ALL the Fundamental Islamists I have met on this journey.

"If you think you can swing it, I'm up for it." said Abu Abdullah.

If I can make something both sides are happy with I am happy.

Want to see it? email the BBC and Channel Four about it, they both have our proposal.

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