July 21, 2005


Trying to keep upbeat but with unfolding news of more desperate bombing attempts is hard. The BBC showed the Beslan documentary again tonight. Its harrowing stuff but what drove these people to such desperate action? The Muslims I speak to say there is a war against Islam. We have not seen such in depth footage of the 30,000 Muslim children that have apparently been killed in Chechenya. I am not trying to justify. In the case of Beslan neither did Abu Abdullah. If what he put forward on the street outside Finsbury park are his true beliefs he is looking more moderate by the week.


RightwingSparkle said...

But what does what happened in Chechenya have to do with the British or the U.S?

I have to be honest with you dave, after reading that message board I am beginning to think "cult." I don't want to think that. I am open to all faiths and religions. But when one becomes violent and others don't protest LOUDLY AND LONG about it, then I start to think brainwashing.

There is nothing that would happen to to oppress the Catholic faith where I would justify violence. Even with the killing of the unborn in this country, a practice I find morally reprehensible, there is no justification for any violence. If we can't win with love and compassion then we just don't win. We will all be judged by our effort, not our victories.

Now, before someone asks me about the violence in Iraq. That is not about our faith. It is about our country and the future of the middle east. I find war AWFUL. I hate it. but in a world where there are hitlers and stalins, we must fight or be owned by them.

Stay safe dave! I got to worrying that maybe it was one of the Muslims you covered in the park that stole your computer to see what you had on them. Did you think of that???

Yes, I am paranoid. I worry like a mother cuz I am one.

DAVE BONES said...

no. talking to my neighbours it is a regular crackhead who looms about we'll catch him one day and Mike can chop his hands off.


did you have a "conversion experience" in your religion? was there a point at which everything around you looked "different"?

Abdullah, Jamal, Hajj and co are very serious about hellfire and dont want to go there. They are also very serious about "Not turning the other cheek"

If Muslims are attacked they organise helping them to fight back.It is in their religion to do this. Chechenya isn't directly linked to the US except that our governments say nothing about the terrorism against Muslims which happens there on a daily basis.

I just quoted chechenya as a situation where they DO believe in using the skills they have learned to fight, and London as a place where they don't.

They all agreed to meet you, o that gives me the feeling that they want a chance to justify themselves against what they percieve as "misinformation" in the media rather than bombing innocents.

They know there is no advantage for the Muslims faith in bombing here.

RightwingSparkle said...

I will take your word on your safety and what they believe. You know them. I don't.

Christ said "you will know a tree by it's fruit." I firmly believe that. If these men are good and kind men who seek to help others and don't promote hate or violence then that will be their "fruit."

I was watching the history channel last night on WWII and I was struck by the similarities of Japan with these terrorists, whose attitude was "fight even if we die." Even the first horrible bomb didn't make them surrender. And no one was even trying to take over Japan!

How do we make this stop??? Everyone can say to leave them alone, but we left them alone after the 1st trade center bombing, embassy bombing, and the Cole bombing. It's like the bully in the schoolyard. You can try to avoid him or ignore him BUT HE WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU ALONE unless you prove you are stronger than he is.

If someone has a better answer I would like to hear it.