July 26, 2005

from the guardian:

more than 1,000 protesters chanted "Die America!" as they banged on the gates of the main US base in Afghanistan to demand the release of three local villagers detained in a raid.

Demonstrators threw stones at the base's outer gates, which were guarded by Afghan soldiers, but no one was wounded. The outer gates are around 300 metres from the first checkpoint manned by US troops.

The three men detained were arrested in a raid on Dheymullah, a village around two miles from Bagram base, last night, the local government chief, Kaber Ahmad, said. "Those three were wanted by the Americans, but no one knows why," he added.

Stacks of tyres were dumped on the main road near the base and burned, sending clouds of black smoke billowing over the area.

Demonstrators said they were angry with the US for carrying out the raid without first consulting local authorities.

"We have supported the Americans for years," Shah Aghar, a 35-year-old local resident, said. "We should be treated with dignity. They are arresting our people without the permission of the government. They are breaking into our houses and offending the people. We are very angry."


RightwingSparkle said...

Perhaps the Guardian would do well to FIND OUT WHY the three were taken before writing such an inflamatory piece.


DAVE BONES said...

did you check out this film from someone who was embedded in the American military in Afghanistan?