July 30, 2005

No....Its the 21st century.

Following sparkles directions I clicked onto Mudville and found this. I used to be a christian. I am not interested in 12th century politics anymore. It is horrific to see it revived in my life time.


The Scrutinator said...

Yet you find yourself in the middle of 7th century politics (i.e., militant Islam). Not words on a sign an ocean away, but mass bloodshed right in your own city.

(Don't get me wrong--I don't like the anti-Islam slogans either.)

RightwingSparkle said...

I don't know how you found this through Mudville, but it is hardly representative of his links. I believe I was directing you to milblogs.

I don't think it is surprising that some would think this about Islam.

But again, hardly representative of most of American's feelings.

DAVE BONES said...

Ok. Heres another one. PRAISE THE LORD PASS THE AMMO

DAVE BONES said...

its all escalating with no attempt at de-escalating. At all.

DAVE BONES said...

Maybe I am being a bit nasty at the moment. I know that you are reading a lot of blogs written by soldiers who genuinely want to "liberate Iraq from Saddam" for the right reasons.

RightwingSparkle said...

well, one can always find the wacko ideas one is looking for on the net. But the VAST number of milblogs are about doing the right thing.

Did you see this about your friend??


what do you think??

Planted? Framed?

It's time to get real here.

DAVE BONES said...

All of the kids I asked about this who went to the mosque at the time thought it hilarious.

Muslims taking deactivated AK-47s to the most watched mosque in the entire country.

If they were going to do this surely they would choose another venue?