July 17, 2005

Tim Rice, Cliff Richard, Richard Branson, the whole of Pink Floyd,DJs Bob Harris and Mike Read are all totally interchangable people no?

(sorry I know there are inexplicable amounts of American republicans coming this way but I had to slip this one in for the Brits. What am I saying? We are all British now aren't we?)


Stefanie said...

Hey, man "Either yer for us or against us," y'know?

But seriously, by the time I went to write and see if you were OK (a few days ago), you'd already posted, answering my question. But I'm glad you're all right, belatedly.

"We're all British now, aren't we?"

Well, honestly, now Britain and America have been attacked by these crazy fucks who obviously think 180 degrees differently than we do.

So maybe now we're part of a distinctive club? Americain? Briterica? Let us embrace!!

DAVE BONES said...

i should have a union jack in the corner of my blog by now no?

I.:.S.:. said...