July 19, 2005

Quite depressing really. I watched the news. The ex- Al Mhujaroun guy refused to say that the British public should not be a target. He seemed nervous and could stop talking once he started. They had to keep turning him down so as the other guy could get in. Then this guy came on in a discussion taken from an arabic news channel on July 8th saying:

There are No "Civilians" in Islamic Law;The Bombing is a Great Victory for Al-Qa'ida, Which "Rubbed the Noses of the World's 8 Most Powerful Countries in the Mud"

I am pretty sure this is the same guy who sat next to The man with the hat on the first day of Abu Hamza's trial.

Over the two years I watched events unfold in Finsbury park I never heard anyone speak like this.


RightwingSparkle said...

Who knows why they didn't speak that way with you. But this is in their hearts and it is a scary thing.

DAVE BONES said...

They've told me that it isn't. Thats why i want you over here. They tell me the killing of innocents is against their religion. They have strict guidelines about klling anything.

The guy who preached alongside Abu Hamza said

"What Muslim would love the religion of God and choose hellfire for killing innocents?"

That is why as a group they fascinated me as a film maker. I have found a brand of Islam which has grown up on the streets of North London, and in the prisons where petty thieves are converting in large numbers.

I'm talking about just the Finsbury park posse. I do not know what is happening in Leeds and Luton. Hamza preached against Homosexuality, which I disagreed with, but when I asked his friend if he advocated gay-bashing he was really hurt.

Journalists tell me things are more radicalized up North and communities are more separated.

Do you think I could set up a meeting with you over skype?

I'm frustrated as hell and am desperate to move things forward. I'm bored of the war on terror and think we can move all our ideologies forward a step so as we can all benefit.

This is what Tony Blair is trying to do no? We should get government funding No?.

Mohssain is visiting his dad at the weekend and will ask him what he thinks about recent events.

about the idea of turning those he suspected of terrorism over to the police, he believed it wasn't lawful islamicaly, which I would have a problem with if he is still saying.

but he also said

"it is Immoral to target people who have no say in the war. In fact they were against the war in Iraq…If it was not for this Zionist media… the people of this country…would have informed themselves…so it is not fair to target them. It is not Islamic…We’ve got to distinguish between the evil politicians and the normal people who go about there business every day.”

so there is something to work with. I say have the trial. If hes said things before that he regrets now, or if he truly believes that Muslims can account for their own when it comes to the killing of innocents, then break him out of Belmarsh and give hima try. What is the alternative?

If he wins the incitement to race hatred thing in this country and your extradition charges come into play the whole of Guantanamo Bay will be on trial at the Old Bailey.

I would like to see that trial.