July 11, 2005


OK. On this strange journey into British Fundamental Islam I've got to take a pause, as the reckoning of Abu Hamzas fate took a pause today for the ludicrous outcome of Stephen Jenkins trial in Court one of the Old Baliey. How many juries will it take to determine Mr Hamza's fate?

I am just pausing to try and recount exactly what Mr Hamza will be thinking about all of this. I think he believes that the whole of the court system and the media is set up deliberately by Zionists intent on controlling the world. I thought this laughable when I first arrived, I have since remained officially impartial on the subject.How would he go about explaining this to a jury of his peers?

When I first met the ex-attendee's of Finsbury park mosque they were all totally convinced about the interconnectedness of government and media. I thought that they were over paranoid. They believed that anything I would do would be secretly re-edited. A lot of them still believe this.

I suppose that because I am pitching a documentary to main stream TV it could be interpreted that I do not believe this. When I first started filming I believed it more, but over the years I've come to imagine that the whole thing is a complete mis-understanding.

As evidence of their position Abu Hamza's friends all refer to an episode of Dispatches on Channel 4 where they believed his voice had been faked. I never saw it until just recently. Seeing it, (and other of Mr. Hamza's TV appearances going back to when he still had hands in Peshawar- thanks jamal) I get some idea why they all reacted to me and the other cameras at their strange " street mosque" in this way.

In this film, they play a tape of what they say is Hamza's voice to him in a dramatic sting.

Hamza answers: "That is not my voice."

I am frantically searching for the clip online. It says things like

"If you can kill a kaffir in the street and get away with it, then do it."

They have an expert who says (parked up next to lots of machinery and wires)

"It is highly likely that it is Hamza's voice."

Now I've listened to the voice, and take the view that the expert should reset his equipment to detect NORTHERN BRITISH ACCENTS and try again.

I will try and post what I have next to the clip so everyone can check for themselves. Why would someone fake Hamza's voice? He has said enough controversial stuff anyway no?

I suppose that if it is a fake it doesn't conclusively prove the existence of a Zionist Conspiracy. It could just be a documentary crew who want to make money.

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