July 16, 2005

JESUS (peace be upon him)

Jesus. I would like to introduce that lot in Islington Town Hall to Hamza's motley crew.There was a senior looking catholic, A Jewish religious representative who was also a representative of a Lesbian and Gay rights group, the leader of North London Central mosque (as Finsbury Park mosque has been renamed) Some Islington councilors, A representative of the Somali community, lots of 40 something new agers and 3 senior looking Policemen.

A smiling nodding newager was chairing as 20 or so people got up to speak. They said really positive things. The Jewish guy read from a hebrew manuscript. The New Yorker I recognised focused his contribution on the youth of those accused. One of the councillors reminded everyone how the Islington Borough had faced off the rise of the National front in the 70s (?) and suggested we consider liasing with the North of England to transfer the "success" of tings down here, oop north like.

I took my headphones out of my bag to look for a pen and one of the new agers on the other side shat herself and sent her friend round to see if it was a bomb.I suppose that is not unrealistic in a lot of media eyes.


All over the country council groups must be scared. I must admit tears came to my eyes when I shared a communal moment with londoners right in the middle of the main junction north of tower bridge. I tried to remember, or feel that it was a moment for all the innocents killed since 9/11.

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