July 18, 2005


I wrote about Magic Dave way back in October last year (see PARLIAMENT SQUARE TERRORISED) A regular at Speakers corner with a plan for the global takeover by the people (or summat like that) and a member of the cogers society, the oldest debating society in the world still active so he tells me. Anyway he wants to invite you all to this:

Into the belly of the beast
Money and Power: Monday 25th July 2005

A special Cogers debate on money and power! A not to be missed opportunity to take part in what promises to be an extremely informative and lively event, a real must for anyone who would like the opportunity to develop public speaking skills, and a chance to take part in an intelligent and wide ranging discussion.

Many of us are starting to realize the power of strong reasoned argument and its capacity to influence and inspire. The Cogers provides a friendly and supportive framework in which to do this (see www.Cogers.org) and to celebrate 250 years of doing so we are inviting all comers to this event.

And as an extra incentive should one be necessary, delicious food will be provide by the FBI, probably the best non aligned chef in London. The program for the evening at the St Bride’s
Institute in Bride Lane (at the Ludgate Circus end of Fleet Street) looks like this, with food from 6pm. Get there early as places are limited (only 150). The debate starts at 7pm

There are three opening talks before everyone present is invited to have their say. The first Given by Magnus Neilson, a blue badge guide and historian is a review of the City's importance in UK and world development over the past 250 years.

Then come two dissimilar views of the future.

The first will be given by Stuart Fraser who has been a member of the Court of Common Council since1993 and is the Deputy Chairman of the Policy and Resources Committee. Stuart is a Fund Manager in The City at Brewin Dolphin and is tipped to be the next Lord Mayor of London. We are promised that we couldn't have a better man to talk about The City, Money, and Power.

The second will be given by a speaker who is likely to see the future of the city in rather different terms from purely economic success. Instead could it lead the world into a very new financial future - with the emphasis on the developmental benefits for the entire world's population, the future of the planet and the ethical issues of the poor, all becoming a touchstone
for the future. Chris Cook, who himself had an excellent City background, is a trailblazer in this

The real beauty of a Cogers debate must be experienced to be fully appreciated for it allows for everyone with the courage or the inclination to speak for up to five minute without heckling or interruptions unless these interruptions are consented to by the speaker (you).what is more it
is an excellent way to improve ones public speaking skills as well as a teaching tool and confidence builder, I could suggest that the house of commons could learn from us.


I.:.S.:. said...

I'm starting to get some readers coming through from malung-tv-news... How do I know if they're Republicans?

I.:.S.:. said...

If you do a Google on Arofish, socialist wanker shows up first, and realgem second...

You still got a fuck of a lot more profile views than me...

I went to Cogers, once, in a pub near the British museum. I embarassed myself totally as a public speaker and realised I have nothing of substance to say about anything.

DAVE BONES said...

the repubs are the red ones with the elephant, the democrats are the blue ones with the donkey

I.:.S.:. said...

That shuold bee WEIRD CONNECTIONS. Sorry to be the only commenter.

I.:.S.:. said...

" the repubs are the red ones with the elephant,"

shit! i was wondering what those bloody great footprints were.

DAVE BONES said...

you couldn't get by being snide and cynical? I just got another 70 or so yesterday cos someone else is calling me "terrorist lover" on "ace of spades" I linked to them straight away. 70 hits is 70 hits eh.

DAVE BONES said...

no worries, comment away. invite your friends. You dont need to say anything of substance here you know that.

do tell me about spelling to. My spelling is shite. substantial shite tho.

DAVE BONES said...

I always told you I needed an editor!

ha ha ha ha ha