July 27, 2005

London links...

from Asian Tribune:

The man refuted accusations that he had been at a terrorist training camp in Oregon in 1999. He admitted, however, that he had lived with Abu Hamza, a controversial Muslim preacher at the Finsbury Park mosque in London, who is currently awaiting trial in Britain on terrorism and race-hate charges.

The Swedish man says that he lived with one-eyed, hook-handed Hamza “for medical reasons, as a nurse.”

The man, who is described by the FBI as “very dangerous”, denies that he was involved in the London attacks of July 7th. In an interview published by Expressen on Friday, he says that he has not left Sweden in the past three years.

Responding to reports that he had flown to the United States in 1999 in the company of Haroon Rashid, suspected mastermind of the London bombings, the man said he does not know who Rashid is, and has never met him.

While denying involvement in the London bombings, the man said that the suicide bombers who attacked three underground trains and a bus were “martyrs,” adding that he hoped also to become a martyr one day.

“They are not terrorists, as they are doing what Islam requires,” he said.

Sweden, he said, is not threatened by al-Qaeda, although he told Expressen that this could change if the Swedish government handed him over to the British or American authorities.

“If Sweden hands me over to another country then it will only have itself to blame. Sweden will then be punished with the greatest punishment.”

from Frontpage magazine:

A long-time preacher at this mosque was Abu Hamza al Masri, a cleric with ties to Al Qaeda who helped to inspire both shoe bomber Richard Reid, and Zacarias Moussaoui, the would-be 20th hijacker on September 11th. Al Masri was also investigated by a federal grand jury for his efforts to establish a terrorist training camp in Bly, Oregon, with Muslim convert James Ujaama. Ujaama has resurfaced in the news during the last week because of his connection to Haroon Rashid Aswat, the main suspect that authorities believe was behind the London Attacks on July 7.

from Global Politician:

Failed London Suicide Bomber's Connection To Abu Hamza

The picture came from a series of video tapes Jenvey obtained following an Internet sting operation on the radical London-based cleric Abu Hamza...in an interview, Jenvey said the individual in the picture pulled from the Hamza tapes was photographed some time after 1998, but before Sept. 11. 2001.

"The tape is of several meetings held by jihadis in London," Jenvey said, "and also shows clips of fighting in Bosnia and Kashmir. Abu Hamza (also seen in the tape) holding meetings inside Finsbury Park Mosque, and other halls and meeting places."

Jenvey said there was a reason he was focusing on these now old tapes while investigating a new crime.

"Wherever Abu Hamza is, there seems to be links to terror
. I have learned this after looking into the preacher over several years that he is one of bin Laden's main men in the UK."

...Jenvey told the "Sunday Times" that after receiving the tapes he continued to monitor Hamza's website. In April 2003 he saw a film showing Russian soldiers being blown up by Chechnyan terrorists. The film was available through a link from Hamza's website. It showed training with live ammunition at a camp in Afghanistan and appeared to be a training exercise for potential assassins. Many of the target images were obscured, but former President Bill Clinton, was clearly visible.

Hamza's website was shut down by its internet service provider soon after Jenvey reported his observations to the appropriate authorities.
Hamza's website closed down? Really? What this one?

from channel 4 news

"They also revealed that they told police a year ago that they were worried about some Islamic extremists that had come to the area, after the Finsbury Park mosque was closed down. We understand police are investigating links between the attempted bombings and an associate of a radical cleric."

and from the telegraph:

Another shopkeeper, Ali Dursun, claimed Omar often railed about halal meat and praised Osama bin Laden.

"He said Turkish people were not proper Muslims and two days after September 11 he was coming into my shop praising bin Laden and saying he was a good man. I nearly called the police," Mr Dursan said.

"He said I should go to Finsbury Park mosque to see Abu Hamza but I threw him out and banned him for six months."

and last but not least from the good ol' US of A:

Indeed, the notorious north London Finsbury Park Mosque, which helped produce a crop of terrorists including shoe-bomber Richard Reid and Zacarias Moussaoui, was founded by the inspiration of none other than Prince Charles... this mosque became a haven for foreign radicals under the leadership of firebrand preacher Abu Hamza al-Masri, who was only this month expelled from Britain for inciting violence.
Expelled from Britain this month? Is Belmarsh foreign soil now? Maybe the US should have the same deal with the British as they have with Cuba over Guantanamo. Save both countries taxpayers a bit of money.

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