July 26, 2005


I thought this was a pretty even handed documentary, althought that isn't obvious from the comments below. It showed pretty much why, who and how people are rallying to the Al-Qaeda call through the internet. Peter Taylor interestingly started by dissing "the power of nightmares" claim that the Al-Q threat was largely made up but finnished up with someone saying:

"Unless the US government tells its people the truth about why these people are fighting, the ideology of Al-Q will always be winning."

I didn't really understand this point in its context.

from the comments below:

why can we not close down all the cyber cafes in this country and private internet access, leaving just business addresses which could be policed by internal units in the same way they currently are? We clearly now have potentially millions of people living in our country who wish us harm. We have to take action before this problem becomes overwhelming.


It has been very clear for a long time that this country desperately needs a much stronger government to root out and destroy these religious maniacs. The time for a "soft approach" has long passed. When oh when will we get some strong decisive action?

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