July 28, 2005


The UBA seem to have reformed in light of recent events. Do get in touch. This must be all of your nightmares come true. What are your plans? Feel free to comment on anything here.

The thing is, as a private individual against Islamic terrorism, what can you do? You can protest where Omar Bakri speaks or at Speakers Corner, but the Police will hassle you more than the Muslims.

For about 30 seconds I saw a debate once between some UBA and Hamza's friends before the Police stepped in. As a British film-maker, just 30 seconds was 1000 times more interesting than all the boring journalists efforts put together. I'll see if I can dig out a transcript of what was actually said.

I think the UBA guy said

"I haven't got anything against anyone of any religion. But I have against people who take out and don't put nothing back in."

"But all your tax money is going to Israel." said the Muslim.

"How can you say that? How much is it costing the Old bill to close this road..."

and the Police stepped in.

Abdullah and co agreed to meet with a guy called Stephen from the UBA years ago but he never got back in touch. I asked Mr. Hamza if he would meet some of them the previous time they came to the mosque, before he was arrested.

"They say they are not racist..."

he declined.

"I don't want to give the media such a show. I have spoken to Nick Griffin. Some of his ideas are interesting..."

I think he said if I remember rightly.

Here is one of their handouts.


Anonymous said...

the UBA are alive & well & growing, mainly due to the fact of the recent bombings, on 23rd july around 350-400 met at the globe in baker street to make a protest at the regents park mosque but once again the police intervened & stopped any protest against the muslim group that support terrorism !

DAVE BONES said...

Thats always going to be the way isn't it. If you do another such protest get in touch I would like to record your views even if no one else would.

Maybe Abdullah and co would still meet with you, although I should imagine that would be difficult in the circumstances.

The Police would probably want to know in advance as they are watching both groups no?

Are people at Regents park Mosque supporting the recent bombings?

DAVE BONES said...

OK. I passed by Regents park mosque. Ain't no one there in favour of bombing innocents. Did I miss something?